10 ‘unconventional’ CryptoTwitter Accounts EVERYONE should follow.

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10 ‘unconventional’ CryptoTwitter Accounts EVERYONE should follow.

So as many of you are already aware, I have to do a lot of writing at my work and I don’t mind because writing is my biggest hobby. I also love writing about my hobbies; there’s no better way to kill two birds with one stone. Being an executive columnist for numerous magazines & tabloids including the WSJ.

I had no choice but to investigate what little I know about cryptocurrencies; blockchain as the force driving it. I loathe and despise technology and I hate my generation!

I wouldn’t say hate because “hate” is such a strong word and I’m such a passive loving person but it’s the technology that’s got me crazy! I can’t keep up these days…so when I was told I had to write a piece on Crypto I was a little frustrated until I started my evidence gathering as I do with every article I decide to write I have to doublecheck and triple check each articles citation and source to make sure that there is not only credibility but legitimacy behind it. It is possible for something to be credible but not legitimate, but I digress.

So Crypto is unlike any new tech we’ve ever seen or gotten used to: This is by far a game changer. Long gone are the days of “declined transactions” though sadly that doesnt do much for for “insufficient funds”

I reviewed the whole Crypto Twitter space and I’ve broken down the handles (First criteria those that posted daily; atleast a dozen times. Otherwise not really fitting to put them in this category of said handles if they aren’t posting more tweets than meals we eat you know they’re not active and thus disqualified. So I’ll just list one through 10 with a brief description based on my experience on the platform. I should add that my research was only a few weeks long, but it did not take more than one full work day to find out who was worth watching and who wasn’t. To be frank there are too many accounts to list so I do not want there to be any confusion and that’s why I titled this “unconventional” meaning those who:

  1. Post about crypto. If your name is cryptoX blah blah and you’re telling me you had a piece of toast with butter or you went to the gym, you’re not a crypto poster. Noticed this to be a common irregularity among the “influencers” as most of them are just internet celebrities who post absolutely nothing of value to somebody new who is looking to learn about trading crypto or developing or anything whatsoever. Using this criteria I was easily able to disqualify most people, as it is a surprisingly small community and those who are actually posting vs those who portray an image are very justifiably visible.
  2. Twitter related crypto or Blockchain posts add intrinsic value to traders and/or developers.
  3. Active users who post daily.
  4. “Unconventional” meaning those that are not exactly influencers or popular twitter handles but have a lot to provide and deserve a lot more followers than they have.
  5. The ones I’ve found to be 10 accounts that hypothetically speaking if you were to follow nothing but these 10 people you could get all the information and then some needed for you to be fully immersed in the crypto space.

This is an opinion piece so if you don’t agree, tough luck I don’t care.

It’s a personal blog and nothing I say is affiliated with any organization but the wild one that is my brain….there are probably a lot of others that the deserve a slot on this list but who cares for my opinion anyway?

So without further adue:

I wanted to highlight what I believed to be underrated handles and when it comes to underrated: Dave the Wave takes the cake. If not then you’re clearly not a crypto enthusiast…or atleast one who doesn’t care for twitter, which is stupid. Twitter is without question an an absolute necessity for obtaining the “rumor” before it becomes the “news” i.e. President Orange 🍊tweets “I just nuked Iran” (GOD FORBID!!) now where is that news going to spread? Everywhere. From what origin ? Twitter.

So if you’re a Forex trader who is looking for accounts to follow that provide a constant stream of accurate (or mostly anyway) technical analysis…focus on the main givens (influencers and whatnot) then gather a handful of people you determine to be experts based on your experiences with their projections and not what anyone else tells you.

  • 2) Benjamin Blunts aka @SmartContracter

With an amazing, keen sense of humor; Benjamin Blunts provides a wonderful gift in terms of wrapping up both financial analysis/education and market outlook in one.

Undeterred by the opinions of others I think what makes his handle perhaps most appealing is the fact in itself. You won’t find any deleted tweets from inaccurate projections, but a sort of Homer Simpson like “doh” which is more than refreshing to know that a trader is willing to not just take credit for his accomplishments but also, more importantly, take responsibility for his failures!

  • 3) CryptoWizard “mT” @a1mtarabichi

This Twitter handle actually had the audacity to call himself a “diamond in the ruff” and to his credit he’s actually telling the truth. There is a fine line between cockiness and confidence; crypt0w1zmt does not cross that line…not in the slightest.

One could argue he walks tight up to the line without crossing it! Youd have to br pretty audacious to make such a claim afterall I stumbled across this handle throughout the course of my investigation: as far as unconventional Twitter accounts go; the @a1mtarabichi is definitely a true textbook testament to said category.

In addition to providing a constant stream of steady technical analysis; usually accurate (just like everyone else on this list) this handle is quite peculiar for the wide range of topics he engages in. From forex signals, to Geopolitical/Philolosoohy, & a lot of tech (From my understanding he started as a developer and started Forex trading crypto in 2014. If you’re into finTech, appreciate some good ‘ol self-depreciation in the form of deadpan humor or are generally a curious person that likes to engage in multiple subjects while not deviating from the main focus: being crypto.So In addition to protecting the announcement of BAKKT, LIBRA, FB coin, the $3700 bottom, breakouts at various key resistances, and most recently. This $10.8K bullrun; his technical analysis is not only on point, but his time frames are close to none in comparison to others who make such bold projections.

He remains unapologetically resillient especially when he’s wrong+ isn’t too modest. to boast or take credit when he’s correct. Like his bio says: a self-loathing narcissist indeed.

  • 4) Seneca aka @cryptoseneca

While this user does not post anything in terms of technical analysis or Crypto related topics I felt it necessary to include him on this list because of the sheer wisdom provided by his twitter feed.

One brief scroll down you’ll see a plethora of philosophical and introspective tweets that don’t pertain to relate to crypto whatsoever but are still very interesting to read, a user who actually strokes the gears in the brain so that you actually use it!

Seneca doesn’t post any actual #finance or tech related tweets so I am bending the rules in terms of criteria for me to include this user for the simple fact that he is without question an unconventional user who deserves to be followed for no other reason than the fact that following Seneca increases your IQ, which is more than can be said for most other users.

  • 5) Brekkie von Bitcoin aka @the CryptoBrekkie

This Is a paradoxically unconventional yet simultaneously very familiar crypto handle. To sum up Crypto Brekkes handle, like baking a cake, it has all the right components to make it a handle worth following for its constant stream of crypto/tech related news and analysis as well as his colorful comedy tweets (some of which he may be doing unwittingly, though is still great to read) Brekkie is without question the funnest handle on this list.

You’ll get everything you need plus a laugh or two which can mean the world after a long day. Now brekkie is just popular enough but not too popular to fit into this category. Again I’m the one who makes the rules since it’s my personal op-Ed. I did not wanna add any of the atypical, conventional users you’d find on any list with a bit of research; but rather focus on those accounts your less likely to find that would ultimately add intrinsic value to your overall account as a crypto / blockchain enthusiast.

Since cryptocurrencies and blockchain are essentially a combination of tech, finance & cybersecurity: I want to include what I believe is an unconventional account that focuses more strictly on the tech aspect of what cryptocurrency’s has to offer because we see a lot of traders these days; everybody’s trying to make a $1.00 out of $0.15; Iceberg is very unique in the sense that he is shamelessly hilarious with his Hipster-like ‘IDGAF’ demeanor.

It’s refreshing to see somebody cut through the BS and say what’s on his mind at any time. I think people often get lost in the woods when it comes to the complexity of defining Blockchain technology. The question was never whether or not “will the bitcoin bubble burst?!” But rather “to what extent, if any, will blockchain play a role in the future of our global financial infrastructure. Simple rephrasing of the question gives you a whole different half empty glass/half full outlook on the overall consensus (no pun intended) on the future of fintech.

So as a forex trader, you wont get much value from this handle. Yet as an overall enthusisast, icebergy will teach a lot of things you need to know thst you had no clue you mught have.

  • 7) Crypto Thug aka @crypto_thug

Since I decided to add a tech focused handle which illustrates the importance of blockchain; I thought I do the same for finance and crypto in general.

While crypto thug may not offer the humor of a brekkie or wizards compilation of tweets, he does offer something that neither of the aforementioned do: that is effectively providing a constant surplus of news / articles and all things related to crypto development with citations in an insuatry that’s growing faster than we can keep tabs on it.

For that reason users like crypto thug are a useful weapon to have in your arsenal for “buying the rumor before selling the newsand I highly encourage anybody to golloe him (as well as all else on this list) for the overall dependency of credible information; if its importance is significant to crypto development (a tabloid, article or announcement) odds are youll find it printed on his feed as quickly as its published.

  • 8) The ‘Stache aka @cryptostache

I think his bio pretty much says it all. With a constant stream of fun content that is easy to understand and features a mustache to boot! What’s not to love?

Normally I do not mention a Giveaways as a positive because they’re really more of a method of self promotion; though this user is more interested in providing good quality fun content to the few who do pay attention as opposed to the masses, tossing a fishnet trying to reel in as many followers as possible.

That was another key focal point in judging criteria for this list: To find the users that had posted or do post rather quality versus quantity in their published tweets.

  • 9) Constantine aka @koqoo

Well I couldn’t complete this list without finding the appropriate handle in trying to spread awareness about the lighting network work as that hsd to make its way somewhere on this list.

Those of you unaware, the Lightning network may perhaps be the single factor in determining whether or not global integration is a definitive or not. What is the Lightning network ? Simple. Imagine sending bitcoin transactions instantly with nominal fees. It can already be done if you don’t believe me; check out any of the dAPPS or plugins (such as bluwallet) or tippin.me and let’s not forget the whole holdnaut Saga. Smh.

For those still confused; upon doing my research I tried my hardest to find out who this Hodlnaut character was, as he kept popping up everywhere in the form of dupes and supporters. I can only surmise it had to of been some sort of major developer or contributors of the community like Satoshi. Needless to say I was pretty disappointed to find out that it was nothing more than and Internet meme/joke gone too far and another “influencer” birthed off a “movement” That required absolutely no effort. Some may say that I’m being a hater but I don’t care compared to the contributions of some of the many others in the community and there are a lot of people I wish I could be mentioned on this list it is just simply unfair for somebody who’s done absolutely nothing to warrant such celebrity status to have that “influencer” capability, such as “Hodlnaut”

Two words: Technical analysis. By providing his two cents and his charting on virtually every breakout he can spot; this is an institutional crypto investor who is adamant and confident in his approach to forex trading (as indicated by signals posted) now I’m not entirely sure the entire backstory; from what I understand this user (Like almost everyone else on this list) was an early adopter but had a rough go of it losing his account and having to remake.

Do not take my word for this as im not entirely sure what exactly happened , but it brings me to my current point; His resilience. Rarely do I see users undettered and constantly posting their updates and doing so in a manner that is not too late for those following to get in on those “crapcoins” that breakout & yield the most $ROI without having to scour throughout over 2200 cryptocurrecies.

  • With that being said that’s all for now. So while you can go on Google and type in “users I need to follow” you will clearly find the obvious. But you’re not here to read the obvious…You want users that aren’t visibly easy to follow because they havent amassed a following for whatever reason (they each have their own) and you want something that’s going to provide intrinsic value both as an enthusiast and someone who is working full-time in a career that pertains to Crypto/Blockchain.

I am probably going to transition to another platform (probably one on the blockchain after this extensive op-Ed, more the research leading up to it) and in the meantime, I will continue to do freelance articles for BkT and continue to blog until i can transition from my ‘career’ writing articles in size six font on the part of a newspaper that nobody reads, complete with the coffee stain to boot: or to get with the times and use my credentials, networking connections, and start processing what many of my colleagues are just in denial about: print is dead.

Go digital or go home ! I hope you enjoyed this read. I’ll reiterate follow a everybody on this list and whoever else you want to but these 10 specifically will add an enormous amount of value butter and anybody who is transitioning or learning about Crypto/Blockchain.

Have a great weekend!

  • J. Wallace
  • 769 Washington Ave. or 243 Malcolm X Boulevard and Bedford Stuyvesant
  • Former columnist for the Washington post.
  • Blogger, Food/Finance/Fitness/Fun enthusiast.
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