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wget https://github.com/BitcoinCZ/bitcoincz/releases/download/
tar -xvzf linux-x64.tar.gz
rm linux-x64.tar.gz

Note: Make sure you are downloading the most recent wallet. You can check on Github to see what’s the latest version available and download it. Also make sure you’re putting the address correctly as it is long and chances of a typo are high. Make sure there is actual downloading happening and it takes time to load.

mkdir .bcz
nano ~/.bcz/bcz.conf

This will create and open a new text file called bzc.conf in a text editor called nano.

In that new file type the following and change the bolded parts to match your actual details.


Press Ctrl-X to save and press Y to confirm it, then press enter.

Type the following command to start your BCZ daemon and let it sync, this will take a few minutes.

./bczd -daemon

You can always check the status of syncing by typing:

./bcz-cli getinfo

To check the status of your masternode type:

./bcz-cli masternode status

Check how far the block number has gone in relation to our Chainz Block Explorer. Once it has synced, it’s now time to start your masternode!

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