Blockchain to be Applied to Tracking Rice in Italy

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Jun 22, 2019 at 10:44 // News

Blockchain technology will be applied to tracking the rice supply chain in Italy and this will help promote sustainable agriculture.

A German chemical company and the world’s leading chemical manufacturer Basf launched the “Riso Chiaro” project and rolls out this innovative step in partnership with the Coppo and Garrione farm, Piedmontese excellence with 1,000 hectares of rice, and with Ez Lab, a Paduan startup concentrating in advanced digital solutions for the Smart Agrifood sector. 

Food Quality Management 

The main aim is to contribute to defending and promoting Italian rice farming, a real excellence in both quality and quantity, that sees Italy as the foremost European producer with around 49% of the total Union production. The effort will further help to enhance
food traceability quality and multiply revenues, increase efficiency as well as benefits of deploying distributed ledger technology in the country. 

According to Alberto Ancora – Head of Business Management Agricultural Solutions South Europe and Head of Division for Italy, this first and innovative blockchain project will help to defend and enhance Italian rice and those who produce it. As part of the supply chain, the country has the responsibility to promote new models that can certify good cultivation practices, origin and quality of Made in Italy rice. 

Blockchain to Improve Supply Chain Processes 

Riso Chiaro gathers and transfers information on rice cultivation, including data associated with the geographical area of ​​production, planted varieties, extensions, irrigation, fertilization and crop protection programs, tracing the various phases of cereal growth. The technology is also being used in improving the quality and
nutrition safety of the baby’s food

Each stage of the process will be effectively traced, introduced into the network and kept in a single shared register, viz. that of the Clear Rice blockchain. Other than growing the transparency of production processes, “Riso Chiaro” verifies the critical stages of cereal cultivation and processing and enables data to be moved in the whole supply, preferably up to the final customer. 

The country is actively exploring innovations, particularly its use cases for goods tracking. Politicians, businessmen and companies are looking for better ways of enhancing the
wine sector and the Made in Italy wine products using futuristic technologies including blockchain. This will help more than 4500 wineries from Italy to meet buyers in over 140 nations globally in a secure and transparent way.

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