Cryptocurrencies are Cool, Amirite? – Ryan Tanaka

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Wow, indeed.

People think the #cryptocurrency space is cool and exciting (by people, I mean alt-coin bots) but most of what’s actually goes down is actually pretty awkward. I could make a unending list but here’s a few highlights:

Dogecoin is one of the best performing cryptos out there. I mean, c’mon now.

– Awkward conversations with people going through a mid-life crisis trying to latch on the latest “new” thing. By mid-life I mean like an early-20s tech bro who burned out of the startup he started when he was 13. He’ll be lucky if he makes it til’ 40, honestly.

– For a lot of folks out there, this is the first time they’ve been able to gain the experience of what it feels like to be an investor. Most of it involves sitting around doing nothing while other people do the work for you then overcompensating for it by making loud, obnoxious public statements on Twitter about how hardworking and smart you are. Then you realize that this is essentially what fuels 90% of the media right now.

  • Blockchain tech actually makes it easier for governments to track people’s actions, unbeknownst to the libertarian idealist types. Everyone knows the best way to hide your steps is to get drunk and forget that you even did the deed to begin with. Ask John Mcafee about how this works in practice.

– Satoshi is the startup founder everyone secretly wants — either missing or dead. He’s been doing a good job of it, so far!

Crypto people are money people, where most of the noise and corruption tends to happen. blockchain people are the ones building the tech with the purest of intentions. As with most tech companies, the two sides almost never talks to each other.

– That moment when you realize crypto isn’t actually cool but a tool for accountants to save a few % on transaction costs. But hey, LAMBOS!

[Ryan is the Online Director at Abundant Housing LA. Views here are mine, not the organization’s. He’s also the founder of the YIMBY Arts Project, which is starting a gaming/political podcast series with Fallout 76 as its backdrop. Support the project by downloading the Brave Browser, using this link!]

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