Grayscale Bitcoin Trust Trading at 40% Premium; ‘Big Money Coming In’

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The Grayscale Bitcoin Trust (GBTC) is trading at a serious premium, which works out to a Bitcoin price of almost $15,000 – indicating that further gains are imminent. 

‘Big Money Coming In’ Via GBTC

Data from Grayscale’s recent performance placed it trading at $14.64 as of June 24. At these levels, investors are working with a Bitcoin price of $14,640. 

The premium, which amounts to around 30 percent, is not new but has increased significantly as Bitcoin cements its position in the latest three-month-long bull run. 

At one point, GBTC traded above $15 at a 40 percent premium, leading to suggestions that substantial upward market moves were still on the horizon.

“Big money coming in!” one popular online trader summarized on Monday linking to the data.

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