Hubi Monthly Report: 2019/5/1–2019/5/31 – HubiExchange

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Dear Hubi Users,

Hubi Exchange is currently ranked 32nd in the world, with 24-hour trading volume exceeding $400 million. After the publication of “Hubi Vollar Super Nodes Co-construction Plan”, 2 VDS Super Nodes have been built, and users are enthusiastic about participating. JLA, GZM and LDC have become the first group of winners about Hubi token listing by voting, and will soon enter Hubi Exchange Innovation Zone!

Token Listing of Project:

Added 7 Currencies: VOLLAR, DAPP, 7Eleven, KYT, CREDIT, KGXS, VEIL


Overview of Platform Campaigns:

Campaign Data of Hubi Global Candy Festival:

A total of 48,000 users participated in the Candy Festival. New registered users carved up 10,000 KGXS, 40,000 KYT, 483,300 BEB, 2.47 million HU points, and 1053 ETH and 2.95 million HU points trading awards were delivered.

Data of Token listing by voting for Hubi Token Week:

JLA, GZM, LDC, HDP, and XR won 85,942 votes in total and sent 53 million candy awards to Hubi users! After the fierce voting competition, JLA, GZM, and LDC won the first 3 places, becoming the first group of Hubi token listing by voting, and will soon enter Hubi Exchange Innovation Zone!

Technical Products:

Launch of “Vollar Super Node Co-construction Plan”

Launch of Token Listing by Voting for “Hubi Token Week”

Market Procession:

Participated in the blockchain industry conferences such as “Finwise Summit 2019 — Hong Kong — The Most Influential Blockchain Summit” and “2019 Global Blockchain Summit Forum”, and reached cooperation with multiple project parties.

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