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Competition Templates:

Competition templates are now deployed and accessible!

These templates allow parties to compete in any contest by predicting a future outcome. This could be the future price of bitcoin in a given time interval or the winner of a particular election.

Here’s how it would work. Participants would compete by staking value in competing curves to take a position (or positions). Each participant would have his/her own curve. After entries are submitted and the participating window has closed, the community would then speculate with each member expressing his/her prediction on who will win, by staking to the particular competitor curve corresponding to the predicted outcome. If the bounty is satisfied the winner would receive the original master value with the speculators on that winning curve receiving the value staked by the losing curves.

We currently have 2 competition templates available for developers.

-Event Contest

One could deploy, for example, CurveA and CurveB, representing future outcomes A and B to be validated and settled using a data feed from a designated oracle. During the lifecycle of the contest, users can (in this example) bond to A or B and either hold their positions to the end or exit their position on a DEX (decentralized exchange) such as ForkDelta.

At contest settlement, losing curves are automatically liquidated and split among the holders of the winning curve’s token.

Our SampleContest template allows you to take your ideas and run with them. We’ve posted a few examples on our github:

-Bonding Curve DAO

Imagine if one could trustlessly decentralize a project roadmap and allow its community to take the wheel. With the same sample contest template, we’re able to trustlessly allocate development funding of the plan with the most bonded to it. One simply proposes Plans A, B, and C and whichever project has the most bonded to it by a designated date will receive all the zap to a designated beneficiary address.

Kovan Testnet Activity:

Zap is and always has been focused on developers. Since deploying our live platform, we have seen a flood of activity on the Kovan network. With a mainnet platform on the ethereum network available, developers are more willing to spend their time and effort building in the Zap network.

You can always see what developers are working on and get an idea of oracles in development. Set your metamask and Zap platform portal to Kovan.

Summer Internship Program

Under our guidance, the interns have been able to apply their background experience in new ways through our tokenization framework.

They have some ambitious goals that we look forward to helping them achieve. We will continue to update you with their work.


Twitter: @ZapOracles

Facebook: @OfficialZapStore

Medium: The Zap Project

LinkedIn: Zap

GitHub: The Zap Project

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