The 78th Weekly Report on ONEROOT – ONEROOT

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(Jun. 29, 2019 — Jul. 5, 2019)

1. Listing on DEX

Last week, Akropolis was listed on ONEROOT DEX. The details are as follows:

Breif Intro of Akropolis

Akropolis is a domain-specific financial protocol dedicated to the needs of the informal economy. It is designed to:

a. enable anybody regardless of geography to quickly set up, operate and grow informal autonomous financial organisations (AFOs);

b. enable a previously impossible interoperable scalable network between them and external third parties, whereby value can be exchanged freely in a trust-minimised way;

c.reduce instances of fraud and misuse of funds

Official Website:

2. ONEROOT DEX Launched Trading Pairs Against DAI

ONEROOT DEX lauched the trading pair ETH/DAI last week.

Brief Intro Of Dai (DAI)

DAI is an ethereum-based cryptocurrency that automatically adjusts to various emergency market conditions, stably pegging to fiat currency. DAI is a project developed by MakerDAO(MKR).

Official Website:

3. ONEROOT DEX Launched on Apple Store

ONEROOT DEX was lauched on Apple Store last week, covering most countries and regions. If you are in the countries or regions that have limits to access, you can use Apple ID of other countries or regions to download.

Users with Android can download from Google Play.

4. Retweet Activity on Twitter

To celebrate the launch of ONEROOT DEX on Apple Store, we initiated a retweet activity on Twitter last week. Followers who retweeted the post and tagged two friends would have the chance to get 300 RNT.

We have got 73 retweets and 77 likes. Ten lucky friends were randomly selected to be the winners. They are:











5. Marketing Activities

Last Thursday, ONEROOT attended the ETC meetup in Shanghai. Christian Xu, the Asian-pacific community manager of ETC, said, ETC had developed a series new products through Artlantis fork, which would make the development for developers easier. The spuntnikVM virtual machine would enhance network performance, which could be used in embedded devices; Open RPC protocol made it easy for application developers develop on the chain; there were several applications that could remove blank accounts and solve the problem of contract code limits. ETC network would get enhanced after the upgrade pf Artlantis hard fork.

6. DEX Progress

Interface docking of merchant background statistics;

Interface docking of merchant background Gas Fee;

Development of Depth Map on Dapp;

Development of depth merging function.

– About ONEROOT –

As a blockchain technology solution provider, ONEROOT has developed a range of solutions, including R1 protocol, DDEX, DCEX, public chain and user terminals, meanwhile, has provided a developer-friendly toolkit, greatly lowering the threshold of product deployment and secondary development. Upholding the spirit of open source and sharing, ONEROOT promotes infrastructure construction with product development, breaking the barriers of technology and capital. By empowering community to promote industry development, ONEROOT allows more people to enjoy the convenience of blockchain.

– Partners-


As a digital currency exchange with the most users in South Korea, Bithumb is one of the largest one around the world. In October 2018, Bithumb partnered with ONEROOT and launched a distributed decentralized exchange — Bithumb DEX, the world’s first decentralized exchange serving millions of users worldwide.


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Instagram: @onerootnetwork

Youtube: @OneRoot Project


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Official QQ group: 6644849

Official WeChat account: oneroot_admin

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