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It was a little more than two years ago we started our journey together and it was a roller-coaster ride all along. But your trust and support kept us going and we highly appreciate it.

This project has started with a vision, we would like to rather call it a ‘shared vision’ now, as you all are part of the project, a vision to create a crypto based global e-commerce platform. Its been more than two years since the launch of the project and we believe we owe you all an explanation on what we have achieved so far and what we haven’t and why.

As you all know, CazCoin did not go for an ICO. We do not have the luxury of funds in abundance, we could not afford highly skilled professionals we needed, in one word we lack ‘RESOURCES’.

On top of that, Cazcoin has faced two blockchain exploits so far which costed us dearly. However, we went along and spent money from our pockets to create minimum viable (MVPs) versions of CazShop (the crypto based ecommerce platform) and a crypto currency exchange, CazEx. But this is only half-way to our desired position and we kind of reached a saturation state in terms of money and support from the community and we are definitely not in a position to face another blockchain exploit.

The management has given a genuine thought about how to move forward with the project. The team did a serious market research during this time and come up with a fresh path, we now have a much better plan to create a self-sustained ecosystem with our e-commerce platform at its centre. So, we have decided to switch to ERC20 platform to create a new token called CAZPLUS, this change in course to ETH token helps us save a lot of money on the servers and is going to be secure than its predecessor.

There is also an urgent need to expand the team and we also need to focus on further development of the Caz ecosystem, marketing and promotions. To raise the required funds for these activities we decided to go for an ICO with the new CazPlus ERC20 token. But we not going to abandon our community, we have decided to reward the current CazCoin holders with brand new CazPlus tokens.

We already reached out to some people with the new plan and few fresh talents have already joined the team and some expressed their willingness. So, things are finally picking up pace now!!

You might be having so many questions on what this new Caz-ecosystem is going to be, when will be the new ICO, how much we are planning to raise, when will the CazCoin and CazShop swap is going to happen, so on and so forth.

Well everything will be shared with you soon. Please stay tuned for more updates.


The CAZ team.

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