Amulet Introduces Next-Generation Crypto Derivatives

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Derivatives trading has traditionally been limited to experienced traders fluent in the terminology of finance; Amulet is changing that by offering novice traders the opportunity to engage with this new and enticing asset class with confidence by reducing the learning curve. With the launch of our exchange in Q3, Amulet will be ushering in a wave of next-generation derivatives ready for mass adoption.

Introducing Cross Currency Derivatives, with our “one-clicktrading process you can trade 20 of the top cryptocurrencies against each other in seconds. Meaning you can now short Ethereum against Tron or Stellar against Ripple. You have complete flexibility to capitalize on an unprecedented 380 different trading opportunities, as well as an entirely new dimension of the market with our Hashrate Derivatives. This will allow miners to hedge against the volatility of network hashrates, creating the opportunity for miners to still profit even when mining isn’t profitable.

Usability is a common challenge in crypto trading, Amulet seamlessly solves this with passwordless login and authentication, “one-click” trading, and a minimalistic user-friendly dashboard. Customers are given a paper trading account where they can validate and backtest their strategies on live data without the risk of losing their hard-earned crypto. Amulet makes trading easy to learn by hosting a library of expert-led video tutorials and webinars that teach users different trading strategies and how to identify market patterns and trends.

A look at our user-friendly dashboard.

In addition to trading education, Amulet also offers risk management tools like our Trader Account Protection, which prevents users from account liquidation. The Amulet Probability Indicator lets traders track the probability of a trade being profitable and how much they stand to gain or lose before they even place a trade.

All Amulet contracts are margin-less and bid and settled in TrueUSD(TUSD), the industries most trusted and verifiably backed stablecoin. With Amulet you can now effectively hedge against the volatility of the market with every trade.

We aren’t delivering another derivatives exchange. We are giving users the key to unlocking the true potential of the entire crypto derivatives market.

In our next article, we are going to take a closer look at the type of derivatives we are offering and plan to offer in the future.

To learn more, join the waitlist for our private beta. Our earliest community members get first access to our next-gen platform and a series of promotions that will be rolling out soon.

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