Can a Protest Movement Create a Market? – Douglas Crets

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The other day, a guy I have never met sent me 3000 Hong Kong Republic tokens. I have since then given a majority of those first tokens to a few people, some of whom I had never met before.

The idea was to create a discussion about the Hong Kong protest movement. I think in the back of everyone’s mind, though, was “Can I make money with these tokens?”

In fact, by far the most prevalent question was “What am I supposed to do with them? They are worthless.”

But that’s the thing about currency. It’s worthless until it’s not.

It turns out that Dr. Dragon, the guy behind the creation of Hong Kong republic token, has already thought about this, and wrote a clear story on his blog about how to acquire and barter for Hong Kong Republic token.

His idea goes a bit further than just exchanging tokens. He believes he is creating an “imaginary state.” By creating a cryptocurrency with a fixed supply that is directly tied to an imagined community of supporters of democracy for Hong Kong, it seems like Dr. Dragon imagines that HKR token could be moved and priced in a way that is not connected to the exchange-bound “manipulation” of the many crypto exchanges that are trading openly today.

I don’t have much further to add, though it’s really because I don’t know enough about finance to know if these bitcoin and ethereum exchanges are correlated to each other, filled with fake volume or if they are just places where big whales can gather to manipulate people out of their bitcoins.

Can a Protest Movement Create a Market, or Can a Protest Movement Generate Value?

With some of the remaining HKR tokens, I want to do an experiment. How can the Lennon Walls in Hong Kong be sustained? It seems that the many protesters, artists, poets, demonstrators, and politicians who have erected these in every single district in Hong Kong, including the one where I live, would need to sustain the movement by using their art and stationary supplies.

By continuing to create, they can continue to pursue the idealism of this non-violent and peaceful protest movement.

The idea is to raise money for the Lennon Walls, create value to the coin and then enhance the protest movement with an actual currency that is directly correlated to the values and the needs of that “moment in time.”

Having an HKR token, which is uncensorable, would be a mighty fine thing to own, since it’s easily purchasable, and easily distributable to other wallet holders, and liquid. Since the bulk of the coins that are created are not going to be dumped on the market, Hong Kong has a chance at the moment to start generating a market in this space.

I have 300 HKR tokens. I have created three Hong Kong Republic trading links below to see if I can create an OTC trade with one of them and perhaps start a market for these coins.

It seems like the link choice with the most fair value will be the one that is selected. I can begin to use this to value what the HKR token is really worth, and whether its connection to the protest movement means anything to the market.

The three separate links price the HKR tokens at different values.

HKR Token Ethfinex links — Links are now live

First pricing 1 HKR = .05 USD at 100 HKR for USDT 5

Second pricing 1 HKR = .25 at 100 HKR for USDT 25

Third pricing 1 HRK = .01 at 100 HKR for USDT 1

If you have questions, let me know. The trading purchase requires that you have USDT and Ethereum to pay for the contract sales. The contracts are stored at ETHFinex in a trustless OTC shell. There is no way for me to gather any identifiable information about the counterparty trader.

The purpose of this trade setup is to see if a protest movement can be correlated to a cryptocurrency’s value. It’s a social trial.

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