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From its inception, the dxDAO was built to be DAO owned not by Gnosis, but by the community. The dxDAO had no pre-allocation of voting power and Gnosis Ltd. did not take part in the Vote Staking Period. As such, Gnosis Ltd. does not hold any Reputation (voting power) in the dxDAO.

In fact, the dxDAO was never controlled by a centralized party. Rather, it’s governance powers were hardcoded to go live on July 14th, at 12:00noon GMT. These powers include control of the decentralized DutchX trading protocol. Specifically, the dxDAO is now in charge of the DutchX auctioneer powers, which means it can modify the protocols’ key parameters.

Now that the dxDAO governance phase is upon us, what have we done at Gnosis to step back from the dxDAO?

  1. We will make a clear cut in terms of communication and promotion.
  • We are archiving the dxDAO twitter account, and we are giving up admin rights on the dxDAO forum on and the dxDAO public Telegram group.
  • We will not promote nor submit any proposals.
  • We will not publish tutorials or engage in user support.

2. We archived the dxDAO Github repository. No centralized updates to the dxDAO codebase are possible.

3. We will not fund any dxDAO related GECO proposals.

The power of the dxDAO is in YOUR hands. We’re excited to see what you make of it and are proud to have initiated this experiment in decentralized governance.

Gnosis out.

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