Top 5 Bitcoin Wallets in 2019 – David Hanft

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Mycelium (best mobile wallet)

Mycelium (despite the weird name) is a fantastic mobile wallet. It offers a ton of features, like access to your own private keys and the ability to change transaction fees. It’s also open source and has a great development team working on tons of new features.

Trezor (most secure wallet)

Trezor has the most secure bitcoin wallet on the market. It comes with the downside of being a hardware wallet, but security is the main focus here. If you are a millionaire looking to protect your assets, rest assured they will be safe.

Electrum (best bare-bones wallet)

If you dislike the frill and simplification other wallets offer, then you’ll love Electrum. Although it may not have a fancy GUI or flashy new features, Electrum is still a great option. It has been around since 2011, and has withstood the test of time. Compatibility is also not a problem as Electrum comes in many forms (even Python).

Coinbase (most user-friendly)

Coinbase is the biggest cryptocurrency exchange, and probably the easiest to understand too. The one downside is the amount of upfront verification required. You will need to give up your SSN and several ID’s before you can even login.

Exodus (most features)

Exodus offers desktop and mobile applications (including the ability to sync between the two). Exodus offers unique features such as the ability to exchange between cryptocurrencies. The GUI is stunning and extremely customizable.

Final Note

Just remember that you can always try other wallets out, since tons of others exist. Make sure to do your research or you could risk losing your Bitcoins to hackers. Whichever wallet you decide is right for you, make sure to use extra security measures provided, such as 2-factor authentication or device encryption. contains a ton of useful information on wallets if you are still lost or are having trouble making up your mind.

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