Weekly Manager Performance Review 12/07 – Genesis Vision

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This week the performance of the top managers was stable and somewhat average, but it has not been without surprises. Prepare to see some new faces and witness a sweet comeback!

Number 5: Phoenix Rise by Digitaletrep

ith 15% profit and just a single per cent of drawdown, this investment program is number 5 in the list of the most profitable programs this week, but it is certainly a winner when it comes to the best weekly chart! Yes, we have seen even better charts, but let’s admit that this chart is quite pleasant to look at.

The weekly 17% of profit and 3% drawdown place the investment program from the GV veteran Hedgebitcoin in the top 4 of the most profitable programs this week. And don’t let those average numbers deceive you — this program has gained over 82% over the course of its last reporting period!

It’s been a little while since we’ve seen some new managers climb their way to the weekly top, so we are delighted to welcome Institutional Trader into the weekly Hall of Fame!

This investment program is only 17 days and it has made a 21% profit during its lifetime, all of which was gained within the confines of last week. We will definitely have to wait and see the future performance of the manager, but considering the fact that he seems to be very transparent, we will certainly keep an eye on this program.

Again, we are very happy to see a new manager enter this higher echelon!
But you hardly would consider the manager to be a newcomer, since according to the program description, the manager works for the banking industry since 1999 and has also been working professionally within the FX- and CFD universe for more than 13 years, so you know it’s the real deal!

The program age is only 10 days, but it has already managed to gain 21% of the weekly profit while suffering an interim drawdown and we are very interested to see which route will the program take in the following weeks.

Number 1: Happier by happier

The manager happier not only won the prestigious award of being the most profitable weekly program but is also awarded the “Comeback Kid of the Month” award!

This investment program has consistently resurfaced almost every week to be placed in our top. At least that was the case, until a few weeks back, where in a series of unfortunate transactions one of the most profitable programs in GV history almost went bankrupt.

We refused to believe that this was the end of the beloved program and expressed our sincere hope to see the manager and his programs back on the top.

And look who is the most profitable investment program this week! With almost 75% of the weekly profit, the manager blew the competition out of the water and reignited our interest.

In a manner that is usual for financial markets, winners have switched placed with losers and vice versa. The least profitable program of the last weeks is back to the top, while some of the previous winners are currently suffering some serious losses. The programs below might sound familiar for one reason: all of them already were in the top 5 most profitable programs.

As always, we are hoping for a comeback! Programs that suffer from temporary drawdowns also might be a great investment opportunity, you can read more in our older Steemit article about profiting from drawdowns.


It’s been a while since we witnessed a week when the least profitable funds lost more than the most profitable funds have managed to gain. Here is the list of the most profitable funds this week:

And here are the least profitable GV Funds:

As we can see, pretty much only the funds that have allocated a lot of BTC have managed to stay in the green, while the altcoin market has been lately bleeding.

We thank you for tuning in, and we will see you next week, Visioners!

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