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Hello crypto people!

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Fed Chair Says Libra ‘Cannot Go Forward’ Until Facebook Addresses Concerns. But it seems like we all are a bit tired of Libra and Facebook’s stuff.

And there is a different major trend on the market. It’s connected with Ethereum. As we all know it’s the second largest cryptocurrency and most importantly it is the blockchain that provides the technology for many other crypto companies.

Since Ethereum got extremely popular in 2017 a lot of rivals tried to beat its success. I don’t remember all of them but I think it would be enough to mention EOS and maybe Stellar. There were lot more. But no one of them actually was successful in bringing competitive number of projects to their networks. Till today more than 95% of crypto projects use Ethereum. And all the rest so-called “Ethereumkillers” used to play in that tiny 5% niche.

Today that’s about to change or even the situation might flip around, flip to Ethereum’s complete disadvantage. Within the next 6 months we could see that Ethereum’s share of the market might drop below 50%.

So, it means that there is someone who eagerly eats from Buterin’s plate. But who’s that? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below.

We’ll continue this discussion on the next video that will be revealed soon.

Stay tuned!

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