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Dear FLP Community,

Welcome to our FLP Progress Report — Q2 2019. In the last three months, we’ve been heavily concentrated into shipping Icarus Online, the first game of our publishing platform called Gameflip Studios, and in parallel continue to research and test our ideas for the upcoming revamp of Gameflip Gigs. We expect for both of these key initiatives to drive demand for FLP in the future once they are fully launched and scaled. Let’s jump into the details.

With over 100,000 unique accounts registered, our closed beta phase lasted for 16 days. After tens of thousands of collective hours of gameplay and testing with our community, Icarus Online Brazil saw the light of day in it’s official release to the general public on July 1st, 2019.

Icarus Online players gather in front of the capital Hakanas during the closed beta

The initial trends and KPIs are very positive, yet we still have adjustments to be made on the gameplay, payment methods (including FLP), and some minor infrastructure developments. For the upcoming months, we anticipate tens of thousands of users to join us in this adventure as we ramp our marketing initiatives.

Icarus Online launch in Brazil (promotional asset)

With an established Brazilian community and more content rolling out into Icarus Online, we plan to kickstart the Spanish version and then develop the use case for the aftermarket for digital item sales within Icarus.

To know more about Icarus Online, visit the official website.

We head into Q3 loaded with ideas and specs for the development of a whole new experience involving services for gamers. Based on the trends and initial feedback of Gameflip Gigs, we will continue to explore the opportunities of the video games shared economy based on game knowledge and coaching.

Different than the current Gameflip Gigs, our upcoming MVP will concentrate on only a few core communities initially, so we can develop relevant features for the given games and expand later after relevant data is collected and we better understand the consumer habits and preferences.

More news about this upcoming service will be shared in the FLP Progress Report in Q3 2019.

FLP is becoming the currency of choice for many on the Gameflip marketplace. In Q2, the FLP usage has reached an all-time high in terms of the total value transacted, representing an increase of over 5X versus Q1. With more sellers taking FLP as payment and more deals available exclusively through FLP, buyers are more inclined to buy, hold and utilize FLP.

Here are a few recent transactions that are 100% FLP-based:

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