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Blockchain has been adventurous been one of the most technological advancements that have stood the test of time. Looking deeply at the dispersed perception of individuals in its circle reveals that it has come stay and that the future belongs to those who can patiently learn of how it works and gain quantifiable experiences with blockchain in several applications. For several reasons, blockchain has been the backbone of cryptocurrencies and it has contributed to the recent explosion which makes it gain more popularity and attention than fiat currency.

Many have lost incredulous amount of resources just by backing the wrong horse. Yet there are some that have access to some valuable data/information, made informed decisions and have made a killing from trading cryptocurrency. Think early bitcoin and XRP investors. It is one thing to make hay while the sun shines, but it’s another to roam blindly in the sun and get scorched vespucci came as a solution to all that was lost


Vespucci is one of the few innovative startups looking to hijack the cryptocurrency mishap opportunity and provide solutions which traders and investors will find useful. Anyone interesting in trading cryptocurrency will find the rating system beneficial as it highlights the tokens that are possible gold mines and those you can’t possibly bank your worn-out clothing on.

Vespucci also is developed by Pythagoras Systems Within Their Volentix ecosystem. In particular, it Implements one of the main pillars of this Volentix ecosystem, where VDex is the fulcrum. VDex is a decentralized market with the user and community in mind. Vespucci, besides Being a digital asset audit and evaluation utility available to non-experts, it is also an instrument to Graph and juxtapose tradeable digital resources Cryptocurrencies’ action in the digital world. Vespucci Provides all users of digital assets an intuitive analytical representative and rating system for such Assets, merging these facets.


There are quite a lot of them. And we all know them very well. But today we will talk about such problems that are more related to the active sector of the participants of the crypto-currency world. That is, those who invest in various cryptocurrency projects coins and so on.

Earlier each new ISO project was of great value to its audience, now because of the mass boom it is difficult to distinguish a truly worthy project from the project of a fraudster whose goal is only to own profit. I think all of us, it already managed to notice as this problem lasts more than a year. To solve this problem is offered by various experts in very different ways. But they are sometimes not enough to implement in the future some promising growth dynamics.


The VESPUCCI concept is an expanded version of the already existing Volentix project, which is characterized by a decentralized exchange between users and other crypto-currency communities. The developers of this ecosystem have made decisions to create an additional analytical agent, with the help of which it will be possible to conduct a digital audit of all existing assets, as well as to form a full assessment of a particular token utility within the entire cryptocurrency market. Which I think is very convenient and very necessary.

Vespucci is part of the Volentix ecosystem and will be able to provide inexperienced beginners with very valuable information on various cryptocurrencies in the form of technical and fundamental analysis, to assess the risks of investing in them, a simple and intuitive interface for everyone, it collects all the data from social networks to find out the general mood in relation to any cryptocurrency. All this helps to timely respond to more reliable news, project updates and find moments of entry or profit taking in the digital market.

This solutions will help people to get rid of scams that offer signals to buy or sell, about a larger pump, and basically they do not work, will make a more profitable portfolio and eventually optimize. All this simplifies the selection process, saves time and can multiply investments.

1. Create a dashboard for cryptocurrency news.
2. Provide an intuitive analytical agent leading to an easy view of cryptocurrency.
3. A real-time rating system including risk assessment for cryptocurrency


There are three pillars of vespucci, these pillars provides all users of digital assets an intuitive analytical representative and rating system for such Assets, merging these facets.


Market sentiment has been researched by the comparatively new field of behavioral finance. It begins with the premise that markets are seemingly inefficient a lot of the moment, and that inefficiency could be explained by psychology and other social sciences. The thought of employing social science to fund was completely legitimized when D. Kahneman, a psychologist, who won the 2002 Nobel Memorial Prize in Economics — that he was the first psychologist to achieve that. A number of the ideas in behavioral finance affirm visible feelings: that traders have a tendency to overemphasize data which come readily to mind; so many investors respond with increased pain to losses compared to delight to equal gains; and that traders have a tendency to persist at an error. Among the most crucial elements which impact the value and standing of crypto-coin are your general confidence and belief. Sentiment bears a significant burden of cryptocurrencies monetary evaluation. Public remarks are commonly accessible to collect and examine. A significant pillar of this Vespucci rank platform is consequently according to Sentiment Analysis (SA) of all crypto associated articles, created by the general public on Social networking (Twitter, Facebook, Telegram), Reddit, Blogs, forums, and information websites.


Unlike basic analysts that try to assess a security’s intrinsic worth, technical analysts concentrate on graphs of price movement and various analytical instruments to assess a security’s weakness or strength. A normal source might be coinmarketcap. The team concentrated on indexes and methods acceptable for resources with higher volatility of costs, and therefore acceptable for cryptocurrencies.

Technical analysts consider the analysis of price movement or the demand and supply of currencies would be the very best approach to recognize trends in the money. Cost movements often trade inside a fashion or range. In relation with this particular belief, technical analysts presume that history will repeat itself, depending on the concept that market participants have frequently responded in a similar manner to market occasions. There’s a Really High Number of strategies and indices for information analysis.


Various blockchain technology is developed to handle different challenges and, thus, are supposed to meet unique requirements. An overview of the technical concepts of the various blockchain technology is its foundation in understanding the effect of the various architectures concerning functionality, privacy, safety, and regulation. The quantitative investigation from a technological standpoint (not to be confused with specialized evaluation ) appraises and correlates different network statistics gleamed in the blockchain, giving a real-time perspective of this cryptocurrency.


1. Transparency in approaches (data resources, intake mechanism, calculations, and data manipulation process) from broad spectrum of resources (to prevent biased data).

2. The modular design of Vespucci provides the capacity for expansion of the system to other applications such as smart contracts.

3. Rating of digital assets, readily resulting in a Prediction machine

4. Effective combination of a comprehensive spectrum of criteria ranging from Fundamental / Technological Analysis to technical / economics aspects up to a sentiment gauge.

5. High degree of accuracy through the use of sophisticated Evaluation methods, AI, and Deep Learning.

6. Intuitive algorithms, the potential for weighs given by the consumer, Post-processing for people.


The user interface provides a diminished view, providing an index for expandable sections that display the selected metrics in detail. The failed view presents the color-coded rating summary of a cryptocurrency. The color-coded rating is calculated using a weighted average of assessment metrics. Each expandable section exhibits the metric or set of metrics in a graphic method. Assessment metrics are separated into different sections according to their represented data such as information regarding societal perspective or a technical perspective. A perfect bookmarking of evaluation metrics have been determined to permit for intuitive UI interaction in accessing and view data of interest for the user.

User Interface (UI) that allows for straightforward parameter input and coherently screens the consequent assessment metrics. The input provides a list with all available coins or a selection of the top-ranked coins based on market cap worth.


AI are strong technologies under accelerated growth now and could possibly be used in different areas of the Vespucci system apart from the last period of outputting the general score. Below is a sketch of a fundamental neural network using one hidden layer. Now’s profound networks possess a profusion of such layers, whose power they will exploit. Neural networks” learn” the suitable weights by back-propagation.

This module could be considered a particular instantiation of lots of other such modules that might be constructed for future smart contract systems. Specifically, systems are very likely to seem that expose a new semantics particularly amenable to formal confirmation, where stage Vespucci is going to likely be expanded with new modules including this one for every new smart contract system which supports a range of precious tokens.


Vespucci doesn’t treat technical analysis with kid gloves as every relevant statistics are considered in providing an informed and well-balanced data on most cryptocurrencies. Authority web pages like Coin market cap are patronized greatly in providing the unbiased analysis.


Website: https://vespucci.site / https://volentix.io

Green paper : https://vespucci.site/green-paper

Whitepaper : https://vespucci.site/etc/Vespucci-whitepaper.pdf

ANN: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5022472.msg45307298#msg45307298

Telegram Community: https://t.me/volentix

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Volentix

Facebook : https:// www.facebook.com/volentix

Medium: https://medium.com/pythagoras-systems-news-updates

Github: https://github.com/Volentix

Veto wallet address:

Bounty Suite Username : psalmyblinks

Disclaimer: This article was created in exchange for a potential token reward through Bountysuite bounty portal

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