Italy Launches New Project for Waste Collection Management

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Jul 14, 2019 at 12:13 // News

A new project for solid waste collection management was recently launched in Italy. The blockchain-based initiative was implemented by Partitalia, a company that develops innovation based on artificial intelligence (AI), blockchain and wearable to simplify and improve people’s lives.

The company plans to roll out new blockchain related technologies in the coming two years, especially those targeting at creating solutions towards solid waste management in Italy and Europe at large. The project will later work in the management of other types of wastes including liquid waste, organic waste, recyclable rubbish and hazardous waste.

The company has chosen 3 universities that are internationally recognized to help it carry out these trailblazing development projects. These selected universities have been found out to be Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna in Pisa, University of Pisa as well as Politecnico di Milano. In order to keep the Italian environment clean, Partitalia has partnered with a team that was started to add technological proficiency in the field of fintech popularly known as Meditchain consortium of Palermo.   

A Step in the Right Direction   

According to Luca Del Col Balletto, Partitalia’s Chief Executive Officer, the planned investments will contribute to the growth and development of AI, blockchain and distributed ledger tech (DLT) systems as applied to solid and liquid waste collection.   

Partitalia is a big addition in the blockchain industry since it is pro to innovation and has been for long advocating for the use of the technology in the circular economy, the management of the cycle as well as the enhancement and valorization of waste products. The economy will have a great impact in future since it will help in the prevention of pollution, hence stopping global warming.   

Through blockchain technology, a general incentive system for the Italians plus the effective system for the Public Administration will be created. The system will enable a timely service based on exact calculation of wasted emitted and conveyed for landfill. Therefore, ensuring the authorization of the whole supply chain in a technological and certified way is a main purpose that Italy can’t afford dodging.

There are other blockchain-related projects in Italy that are contributing to the sustainable life in the country. For instance, a bioplastic producer
EarthBi is trying to use blockchain to effectively trace all of its bioplastic products that it manufactures in Italy.

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