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[Bank of America applies for patent of settlement system citing Ripple]Bank of America has applied for a patent of settlement system citing the Ripple ledger, Cointelegraph reported on July 21. According to the report, the patent describes a system using distributed ledger technology(DLT) as an interbank communication tool to enable real-time settlement.

[eBay CEO: Encrypted assets will play an important role in global business in the next decade]On July 22, eBay CEO Devin Wenig said in an interview with CNBC that he believes that crypto assets will play an important role in global business in the next decade. For the previous Libra hearing, Wenig said: “The hearing made it very clear that there are two things that no one can understand but everyone is worried about: Facebook and cryptocurrencies. I want to say that we are the sponsor of this project, Part of the reason is encryption and blockchain — especially a public, distributed blockchain (referred to as Libra) — to reduce costs, increase transparency, and improve security. People still pay too much for transfers and settlements. This is a huge cost for the digital market…so, we don’t want to lose weight because of small losses, encryption should play an important role in the flow of funds, especially in the digital business of the next 10 years.” Previously, EBay CEO said The online market support for Libra’s proposal is an adventurous move, but the potential rewards are worthwhile. The use of a well-functioning public chain in the market can bring huge benefits. Wenig also mentioned: “The regulator has raised some reasonable questions. We will let Facebook respond to this.

[A committee of the British Parliament is worried about user privacy leaks, or will investigate Libra]A committee of the British Parliament may investigate Libra, Facebook’s cryptocurrency project, because it fears that the project will exercise too much power. In an interview with Financial News, Damian Collins, chairman of the UK House of Commons’ Digital, Cultural, Media and Sports Committee, said that given the company’s past poor record of privacy, he feared that Facebook could not adequately protect the financial details of its billions of potential Libra users.

[Encrypted calendar will be updated from time to time]

BTC/Bitcoin: Bakkt will launch a user acceptance test for Bitcoin futures on July 22, which will be traded on ICE Futures US and settled on ICE Clear US

VET/Vechain: VeChain (VET) will upgrade its main chain to v.1.1.2 on July 22nd.

XLM/Stellar: Stellar (XLM) holders will receive DOGET’s 1:2 airdrop on July 22nd

ZEN/Horizen: Horizen (ZEN) version 2.0.18, expected to be released when the block height reaches 555555, estimated time is July 23

BTC/Bitcoin: The Supreme Court of India will hear the encryption case on July 23.

ADA/Cardano: The Cardano (ADA) Foundation will meet in Hong Kong on July 30th

BSV/Bitcoin SV: BSV will launch Quasar’s upgrade network on July 24th

VEIL/Veil: Veil decided to stop operations and will clear the existing trading market on July 24.

BTC withdrew slightly from yesterday night to now, with a rebound near $10500 at the lowest. In the past 24 hours, the net outflow of BTC funds is less than 10 million US dollars. The inflow and outflow of BTC funds are flat. Yesterday, it was mentioned that there is greater resistance near 11,000 US dollars above. Within days, withdrawal may occur. At present, the four-hour line to see the continuous inter-cell oscillation of BTC, but it is noteworthy that the weekly line receives a long shadow line, the medium-term trend continues to rise more likely, if the resistance can break through the vicinity of $11,000, then BTC is expected to explore the space operation above $12,000 again. Back-to-back support position can consider appropriate warehousing, pay attention to control. Warehouse position.

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