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The development of IoT in Chinese medicine, who will become the leader of 5G and interrogation of Facebook in the Senate and the US Congress.

Costs of cloud storage for medical data in China exceeded $ 730 million in 2018

China is actively introducing cloud technologies, the Internet of things, artificial intelligence and blockchain into healthcare. If in 2018, the cost of cloud storage of medical data in China reached 5.05 billion yuan, and by 2023 they will grow to 16.88 billion yuan. According to the IDC MarketScape report, the number of IoT devices involved in medicine in China will double by the end of 2020. These include devices that patients wear to collect information (Patient Generated Data), which will help with disease prevention. By the end of 2020, about 15% of the data used for diagnosis and treatment will be collected with their help.

By the end of 2020, approximately 25% of large hospitals (200 beds) will use robots to automate routine tasks. For comparison: in North America, this figure will be 31% by the end of 2020, in Western Europe — 27%, and in the Asia-Pacific region — 15%.

By 2021, approximately 20% of medical organizations will start using blockchain technology for storing medical records of patients. By 2021, also about 6% of all visits to a doctor in China will be telemedicine.

The number of mobile users in the world exceeded 7.9 billion in the first quarter of 2019

The number of mobile user accounts in Q1 2019 grew year to year by 2% to 7.9 billion, according to the report by Ericsson Internet on mobile internet and communications. The most significant growth in absolute values ​​is noticed in China (+30 million), followed by Nigeria (+5 million) and the Philippines (+4 million). The growth of mobile phone accounts in China, apparently, was the result of increased competition between telecom operators. It is curious that in India the number of active mobile phone numbers has decreased by 14 million, due to the fact that many large operators have introduced a mandatory monthly fee.

Mobile broadband subscriptions grew at a faster rate — 15% over the year, adding 140 million accounts and reaching 6 billion. Smartphone users account for more than 60% of all subscriptions to mobile services. It is also worth noting that in many countries the number of subscriptions has exceeded the population due to the large number of inactive numbers. The report notes that the number of users is approximately 5.7 billion (and 7.9 billion subscriptions).

The Ericsson report also predicts that North America will become the leader in this direction. It is expected that by 2024, the share of 5G in North America will be 63%. In second place is Northeast Asia with 47%, and Western Europe on the third place with 40%.

Hearings on the launch of Facebook’s cryptocurrency took place in the Senate and the US Congress

The head of the blockchain division of Facebook and former president of PayPal, David Markus, answered questions from US lawmakers regarding the Libra crypto project.

The hearings were held at the US Senate Banking Committee on 17 and 18 of July, at the Financial Services Committee of the US Congress. In total, Marcus was answering questions for 7 hours. His key statements were:

  • Libra will comply with US law and will not be launched until all the questions of US lawmakers are answered,
  • Libra is neither a security nor an ETF. It is meant for payment, and, however, may fall under the definition of a commodity,
  • Libra will be launched only with the approval of regulators, first of all — American,
  • Libra will be created by the Libra Association, which currently has 28 companies, and Facebook will not have special privileges,
  • The validator nodes from the number of members of the Libra Association will ensure compliance with the AML-norms and KYC-procedures,
  • The US dollar will be the main currency in Libra Reserve, its share will be 50% or higher,
  • Facebook will not sell or monetize Calibra user data, and if it decides to use it in any way, it will ask for the users consent.
  • The distribution of blockchain technology is inevitable in the world, and it will be better if the United States leads this process, otherwise countries threatening the national security of the United States (hint at China) could do it.

Marcus also noted that the Libra Association will be able to freeze assets of terrorist organizations stored in Calibra.

According to Marcus, Facebook is not responsible for the entire development of Libra — for this, there is Libra Association registered in Switzerland. What Facebook is focusing on is creating Calibra cryptograph that will be built into Messenger and Whatsapp.

EncryptoTel launches autocall

For the last week, our development team has tested and launched two important services that are in demand from a number of companies and entrepreneurs. We implemented this to our virtual PBX with a high level of confidentiality:

– support for registration of third-party numbers, which means that now you can manage numbers purchased from third-party operators in one convenient EncryptoTel interface,

– autocall using voice menu, which very much simplifies the work of call centers and reduces the workload on operators.

We continue to invent, develop and introduce new communication services. Stay with us!

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