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Many ways are done by attackers or hackers to retrieve or access a number of personal data related to their benefits. These data include email passwords that are directly connected to a number of accounts — financial accounts, such as banking applications or digital wallets. We can say that the download process is the most formal process in taking a number of data. Because if it is not permitted by the system, the download process will automatically not be possible. Therefore, of course this makes the attackers more creative to find other ways. Therefore, another negotiation that can be taken is by capturing a number of important transaction data.

Currently there are not many platforms that have implemented the Anti Screen Capture system to prevent data leakage. But do not worry for you technology activists, because now Blocksafe comes with the latest system by applying the Anti Clickjacking and Anti Screen Capture features. Previously, when the project was built, the team of experts had predicted that information retrieval could not only be done through data transmission processes, but also by tricking a number of users with fake billboards and news or by capturing a monitor that contained important information.

Many of us think that, if a platform is ready to be launched for use. Then finished the task of the expert team to create other financial features. But in reality the basic theory of technology is different. This theory says “the higher the level of sophistication of a technology, the higher the level of creativity of the attackers”. This theory certainly requires all team of blockchain experts to always monitor and make improvements. Therefore, Blocksafe will always do this consistently.

Technology is not something that is permanent, but technology is a dynamic system. Of course this also depends on various factors that influence it. For example if last year platform B, implemented a level 1 encryption system, along with technological sophistication it could be upgraded to level 2. Actually there is no specific period of time when expert teams will improve the security system of a platform. Because in every second the system of sophistication and technological crime will always increase, what can be done by the expert team is only to monitor and find the latest solutions that have long-term effects in terms of system protection.

When it first launched Blocksafe already has a number of high-value security features and is certainly different from other blockchain platforms. Did you know, if at this time Blocksafe has encryption technology that can be aligned with military-grade encryption technology. Military class security system is certainly very different from the encryption system in general. This system is usually equipped with layers — layers of security whose terrain is difficult to penetrate by hackers. Usually this security system can smell the mission of attacking hackers, even though the attack has not been carried out.
We can compare this, if we see firsthand how the soldiers are always alert and alert in facing their opponents. Security systems at the military level usually have satellites or spy forces that monitor a number of activities and various types of crime transactions. Therefore this causes the members of the military to better prevent it than overcome.

Similarly, if users experience a number of hacker attacks, it will be very difficult to recover the user’s data. Even if recovered, it’s not necessarily back to normal.

Blocksafe’s military class encryption technology is called the Keystroke Encryption name. Did you know, if this encryption is not only able to randomize the data to be transmitted. But it can also prevent malware from spying on what users are typing and doing. So that users can feel very safe when entering passwords.

In addition there is also Anti Screen Capture technology that prevents attackers from capturing monitor screens containing important transactions, the Clipboard Copy Protection feature that is responsible for securing information such as the destination address used in data transmissions, and the Anti Click Jacking feature that serves to notify users about domain or board inserts and news that provides incorrect information.

One method that is often used by platforms to improve its security system is to include elements or symbols of strength. For example, like Blocksafe, which implements a military class data encryption system. So indirectly this will also affect the expert team to have a cautious attitude with high discipline.

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