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Today, we are picking up messaging app battles at blockchain space.

Korean message app giant Kakao will release a cryptocurrency wallet dubbed “Klip”. Developed by Kakao’s blockchain affiliate GroundX, Klip will be a digital wallet that manages user information and digital assets.

These will include including Klay-based non-fungible tokens (NFTs) or crypto-collectibles. Items acquired in Klay-friendly blockchain games will be created as NFTs and will be able to be stored in Klip or exchanged with other users.

Message app penetration rate differs from national conditions. In particular, Facebook group, messenger and WhatsApp acquires the great share at several markets, against local app bounce this trend by improving user bases. From digital marketing survey, 58% of people who have used a messaging app to interact with brands use an ad-blocker and they are 23% more likely to do so than the average user.

Telegram, message app giant has started to gather public offering in June, besides their gram token was for accredited investor, and moving to public access.

The funds were to be used to develop the Telegram Open Network (TON), an ambitious blockchain meant to decentralize multiple facets of digital communication, ranging from file sharing to browsing to transactions.

According to CivicScience, Facebook’s Libra is not gaining more interest than bitcoin, mainstream of cryptocurrency.

United States-based polling company CivicScience recently conducted a survey of 1,799 American adults, conceded at least 40% of respondents claimed that they trusted Libra less than Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies such as Ether (ETH) and XRP. 35% stressed that they trust Libra much less than Bitcoin, according to the study.

Moreover, Facebook is targeted untrusted administration of data management, 77% of Americans do not trust Facebook with their personal data at all.

Message app service extends their business with blockchain and cryptocurrency now.

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