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Cheese Castle, Frankfurt district

Cryptovoxels is a one year old project that is built on the Ethereum blockchain.

Voxels: volumetric pixels that represent a value on a grid in three dimensional space.

The most infamous voxel builder is Minecraft. Cryptovoxels is a blend of Minecraft and Facebook, starting with basic block building but allowing the addition of text, images, gifs, audio files, .vox files, and scripting. Video streaming is in the works.


Cryptovoxels parcels (land grids that are built on) are bought and sold on using ETH, the native currency of the Ethereum blockchain, which parcel ownership is verified with. The native currency in Cryptovoxels is $COLR (color): contract address 0x3867ef780a3afcf1201ef4f2acc6a46e3bd1eb88

The parcel is black and white unless purchased from an individual that left color staked to it. $COLR gives color to voxels and images and can be purchased on for around 400 color per 0.1 ETH. Audio, text, and images are all usable without color but will appear as black and white; .vox sculptures require color to appear in world. (The embellishments on the tower in the cover photo were done with .vox files).

Visiting the virtual world

You can visit this world from the home page and clicking “play now” or by navigating to a specific parcel from the site menu indexes parcels by multiple attributes such as area,height, location, and listing date, making it easier to find what you are looking for ( ). Once you find a parcel you like on Opensea, you can follow the link to that parcel’s management page on ( ).

view of a parcel on

You can also visit very specific locations in world by following a URL (,1U,191N ). The world can be visited from any browser but being able to interact with a parcel requires either owning one or being added to its permissions by the owner. This is verified by a Web3 wallet such as Metamask on desktop or Trust on mobile.


If you purchased the parcel off of then make sure to visit the parcel address as seen below and hit the “refresh octopus” 🐙 to refresh wallet ownership. You will also need to make sure that you are signed in to the correct Web3 wallet address that the parcel was purchased on and follow site prompts to “sign in,” giving it permission to read your wallet address. It is on the individual parcel address URL that you will see options to 1) add other contributors to the parcel 2) stake $COLR to the parcel 3) add custom voxel skins 4) add custom voxel colors.

logged-in view of parcel management


Once you are in world and logged in via a web3 wallet on an address that you either own a parcel on or have been given permissions on, you will be able to hit TAB to open the builder panel and see a suite of options and controls. Other notable shortcut keys are:

F to toggle flying

Enter to type in world text chat

W-A-S-D for 4-directional movement

Shift for fast movement

All building is done directly in browser and is highly intuitive once you learn a few basics. Make sure that you are within your parcel boundaries then hit TAB>voxel panel. If you have $COLR staked then you will have a color selection panel as well.

Click a color then click the skin you wish to use. This will close the panel and you will see a voxel placement indicator while mousing within parcel boundaries. Multiple voxels can be placed at once (horizontally) by clicking and dragging over the area to be covered. To delete either SHIFT + click or SHIFT + drag + click for multi-delete.

The diamond 💎 menu panel is where you will find the options to add embellishments to your voxel build. Images can be placed on walls and will be automatically resized into a square but can be resized via slider bars. The URL to an image can be replaced with the URL to a .gif as well. Polytext are 3D letters that can be placed on top of voxels and resized/rotated. Audio files must link to an mp3 source URL that auto-plays.

Clicking “Edit” and mousing over an object highlights it for selection

“Edit” allows you to mouse over and highlight any of the other features from this panel and open their editing panel to change/delete/resize/move them.

Avatars and names

Currently everyone uses the same avatar, pending the release of avatar decorations and custom skins. However, you can reserve a custom name for the cost of network gas when you are logged in to your account on Web3 ( ) . Enter the name you wish to create (you can check first to make sure it is not taken on ). Alternatively you can find a name that you like listed on and purchase it/offer to purchase. Once your name is showing up on your avatar panel, make sure to click it and see the “X” indicating that it is selected. This name will now show up when you use in-world text chat as well as over your avatar’s head.

logged-in view of Avatar panel on

Be sure to join the official Discord server for Cryptovoxels, where you will find a rich community of experienced players and a team ready to answer further questions that you have!

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