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Ethereum Next 💰 Is a brand-new cryptocurrency

All ETH holders will be entitled to free ENEXT coins at a 1:2 ratio.

To get free ENEXT you need to import your ETH wallet in: https://enextwallet.com/#view-wallet-info

if you hold ETH on the exchange or another wallet, you need to transfer ETH to MyEtherWallet and import wallet to https://enextwallet.com/#view-wallet-info

ANN — https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5159938.new#new

Website — https://ethereum-next.com/

Whitepaper — https://ethereum-next.com/wp.pdf

Ethereum Next

To get our coin, you must import your personal wallet on our platform, for example, if you have 1 ETH you will receive 2 ENEXT.

ENEXT get — https://enextwallet.com/#view-wallet-info

Ethereum Next is a brand-new cryptocurrency that is designed with one major goal in mind: making blockchain technology more accessible and easy to use for everyone. Ethereum Next leverages the latest innovations in the crypto space with a very practical approach, prioritizing those solutions that can speed up mass adoption.

Ethereum Next will promote the principles of decentralization thanks to its gradual transition to Proof-of-Stake mining and the introduction of a handy universal voting tool. The project will make sure that individual CPU and GPU miners remain competitive. Thanks to the voting procedure, all the coin holders — and not just a small group of core developers or block producers — will be able to vote on major decisions, updates, and new features. The staking system will be fully integrated into the ecosystem. Thanks to the same stake, a user will be able to profit from PoS mining, execute trades on the exchange and convert cryptocurrency inside the wallet, or obtain bandwidth to deploy a smart contract. The size of the stake will determine the weight of the user’s vote. Those users who don’t want to stake coins will still be able to trade and perform other transaction, but they will be charged a fee. The possibility to choose between making a stake or paying a fee will be an additional advantage for Ethereum Next users.

At the core of the Ethereum Next ecosystem are two major modules: a dApp development platform and a hybrid exchange. The platform for decentralized applications will valorize those apps that promote blockchain technology, introduce new payment methods, interoperability solutions, etc.

Ethereum Next will set up a special support foundations that will issue grants to the most valuable projects, which will be selected by the community using voting. This way we will overcome one of the problems that other dApp platforms are struggling with: an excess prevalence of gambling and high-risk application.

The NEXT dApp platform will run on a new virtual machine that will offer many benefits to the virtual machines now used by Ethereum (EVM), EOS, and Tron. It will be based on the WebAssembly technology and ensure high speed of execution, support of different coding languages, and a great testing and debugging toolkit.

The NEXT Exchange will employ a hybrid approach, moving towards more decentralization without compromising speed. The exchange will use first an off-chain matching engine and then a system of relays — special nodes that maintain their own order books and ensure pure p2p execution with an option to pay fees in the currency of choice.

Finally, in order to build a community of early supporters, a large pool of Ethereum Next coins will be distributed for free as soon as the network launches.

The mainnet launch is planned for July 17, 2019.

Any Ethereum holder can claim free coins; in order to distribute them, we will carry out an Ethereum network snapshot on July 15, 2019, at 16:00 GMT.

For claim ENEXT use official wallet — https://enextwallet.com/#view-wallet-info

dApp platform

A highly practical approach with a focus on easy exchange and fast dApp development;

A dApp platform that will prioritize applications of real value;

A voting mechanism to select dApps that will receive financial support from the Ethereum Next foundation;

Matching system

Full segregation of client funds and a fast off-chain order matching system;

A relay system to speed up order placement and execution of orders;

Possibility to choose between making a stake or paying transaction fees;

Virtual machine

New WASM-based virtual machine — a sandboxed runtime environemnt that will allow to execute dApp code at a speed close to native code;

Hybrid exchange

A hybrid exchange that combines the speed of centralized exchanges with user security and control of DEXes;


An expedited transition to Proof-of-Stake mining;

Maximized profitability for CPU and GPU miners;

Full integration of the staking system into all modules — mining, exchange, and dApp development;

Transaction fees

Democratic — all ENEXT holders will be able to vote on updates and new features, with votes weighted according to the size of the stake;

Payment of transaction fees in the currency of one’s choice;

No gas fees for deployment — necessary bandwidth is provided based on the stake size;


Support of different coding languages: Solidity, Rust, Go, Vyper, C, C , Python, and others;

A comprehensive testing and debugging toolkit;

Fast, secure and versatile wallets integrated with the hybrid exchange and dApp platform;

Free initial distribution of ENEXT coins to all ETH holders.


In order to claim their free coins, users will need to register on the official Ethereum Next wallet of the project; after that, the ENEXT coins will be automatically added to their wallet. The amount to be sent will be calculated based on the amount of ether the user has, and that value will be obtained from a general snapshot of the Ethereum network. We will conduct a snapshot on July 15, 2019, 16:00 GMT.

In order to qualify for the free distribution, the user must hold ETH in a personal wallet and not in an account on a crypto exchange. The reason is that the snapshot mechanism is not capable of detecting individual ether balances on an exchange: it appears as one single very large blockchain address, since exchanges store their clients’ funds in a centralized manner. Therefore, any users who keep ETH on an exchange but would still like to get free ENEXT will need to transfer their ether off the exchange and into their personal wallet before the snapshot. After the snapshot they can send their ETH back to the exchange.


Q1–2 2019

Development of a working business model, White paper, and smart contract; assembling a team; initial work on the virtual machine, hybrid exchange, and the token protocol.

Q3 2019

Token release, Ethereum network snapshot (July 15, 2019, 16:00 GMT) and an airdrop distribution (starting from July 17, 2019); start of the bounty campaign; release of ENEXT wallets; work on the Next dApp platform (EVM-powered edition); establishment of strategic partnerships; enlargement of the team; Work on a seamless UI/UX, including a fully responsive design; work on the PoS mining mechanism.

Q4 2019

Beta release of the Next dApp platform (using EVM) and of the Next Exchange (with off-chain order matching); creation of a dApp developer community; work on Next Machine; work on the margin trading module; testing of the staking system and bandwidth; listing the ENEXT token on CryptoBridge and 2–3 other exchanges; launch of the stats & analytics portal as part of the exchange; PoS testing.

Q1 2020

Launch of PoS; work on the relay protocol for the exchange; integration of a fiat gateway; testing and beta release of the margin trading module; work begins on the arbitrage bots; test launch of the voting mechanism and first votes; Integration of the trading volumes and market data with the leading stats platforms, including CoinMarketCap, CoinGecko, Coinhills, WorldCoinIndex, etc.; work on a native exchange app for iOS and Android.

Q2 2020

Testing the relay protocol; adding the first dApps created on Ethereum Next to the Next Exchange; first token grants from the development fund to the dApp projects selected by the community; release of the native app for iOS and Android; testing the new virtual machine; launch of the intraexchange arbitrage bot.

Q3 2020

Launch of the Next virtual machine and migration of existing dApps; release of the relay protocol and first trading orders placed via relays.

For information on links, see below:

Website — https://ethereum-next.com/

Wallet — https://enextwallet.com/

Whitepaper — https://ethereum-next.com/wp.pdf

Github — https://github.com/ethereumnext

Twitter — https://twitter.com/enext_coin


Bounty — https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5161611.new#new

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Thank you from me and good luck:

Author: Alexandria viola

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