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Dear community,

We are thinking continuously how to meet the customers needs the best way. As we have informed the community last week in the article SAVE THE DATE some updates are coming up. You can read the full article here on the medium.

The LOTEO project is evolving every day and as mentioned in the article we are going to change our website visual hence you will experience complete web rebrand.

This change is coming up in these days in order to add more games, better functionality and nicer visual.

The main new features that has been added:

· Improvement of UI and UX

· Improvement of Weekly Lottery and Apollo 11 UX

· New campaign promotions and banners

· Ability to buy LOTEU tokens directly on the platform

· New games section

· New leaderboard for games

· Indonesian language added

Together with the website change we have prepared also a new BONUS promotion for you. Make your first deposit of 1 ETH and you will get bonus of 3000 LOTEU tokens! You can read more here.

See the pictures comparison below to have better idea what has changed.

New dashboard:

Old dashboard:

Old games section:

New games section:

Ability to buy LOTEU token directly on the platform:

New bonus to be claimed:

Stay tuned for the upcoming news since building a lottery project is an ongoing process and changes can take place anytime in the future.

Enjoy to play, win & earn.

We all can be winners with the LOTEO revolution. Let’s build LOTEO together.

For more questions do not hesitate to contact us on the links mentioned below or read the official whitepaper.

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