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Those sometimes bulky stubs in our back pockets are getting a complete overhaul. What’s that one thing you can guarantee a person will have on them? It’s usually their wallet, keys, and phone. What happens when you forget your wallet at home? You carry your bank cards, ID, cash and a number of other loyalty program cards along with some receipts. That’s a lot of responsibility and baggage you need to worry about.

Given the rise in popularity of smartphones, their use has begun to border on unhealthy and addictive. A good example of this is people staring at their phones in social situations, ignoring the real world around them. We all hate it, we all despise it and we all tell ourselves we’re not like that. Good. Society dictates the values we share and uphold, so it’s a nice reminder of what we’re willing to tolerate by leading by example. Be the change you want to see.


With the advent of reliance economy, we have begun to take smartphone apps for granted. For example, navigating our way on the roads with the Maps app is something we automatically do, whenever we head out somewhere new. The path towards that transition was one of convenience. It just made our lives a lot easier. No more fiddling around with paper maps that span from door to door inside a car. Or asking for directions, for some an embarrassing act, especially in front of company. Instead, you arrive at your destination with minimal hassle, and you can take all the credit for getting there so fast; who’s gonna know?

Whatever we can offload to our phones, we should. I personally argue for this fact because it frees up our mental space and time for other things. It’s beautiful! I encourage you to do it.

Personal translator device from the episode “Men against Fire” of the Netflix series Black Mirror.

We’re seeing increased use of translation services provided by the phone. Being able to translate words by “scanning” them with your phone. There’s even a popular scene in Black Mirror, where soldiers carry a device that allows them to communicate with native villagers, who speak an entirely different and obscure language. The device translates for them, and eerily enough the communication flows seamlessly.

There’s no arguing that we’re moving faster than ever into the digital World. Science fiction is not that far away. Concepts like AR, VR and AI have all made it into the mainstream and are already well represented in modern civilization. Their goal is to make human life more bearable, faster, easier. We all want that, don’t we?

A bank in your pocket.

The latest design and technological breakthrough is young and nascent, but it’s brimming with potential. What if I told you, that instead of dealing with cash, which I trust you’re sick of doing already, you can handle it on your phone. I’m not talking about just being able to see your balance, which your bank probably provides for you already. I’m talking about a more friendly service, a more humane service, an easier service, and a more effective service.

Family members working abroad, supporting their families and loved ones back home can send them money from anywhere in the world, in a matter of seconds. Apart from the near-zero cost remittances that would no doubt benefit many, as current fees are just too high, the Financial App offers you more flexibility and freedom to do with your money than just transacting.

Even if you don’t have a lot of money or don’t know much about finance, to begin with, financial literacy will greatly improve the quality of your lives. It’s definitely something we all should learn more about.

You may have heard rumors that there’s another scary recession coming. That means we’ll all have to tighten up our expenditures, perhaps we’ll wait a year or two before we buy the brand new iPhone this time? As I have mentioned in my previous articles there are convincing arguments that the world may be heading towards another recession. In what is becoming the general consensus throughout Europe, China and slowly moving towards the US, the global economies are taking a downturn. I won’t talk about this further after I myself have just recently recovered from the big financial crisis of 2008 and it’s way too soon to go back. There is an underlying problem we need to fix.

This time it’s different, though. With the invention of the technology behind Bitcoin, which offered us it’s triple entry accounting system and Ethereum who added Smart Contract programmability to the equation, making ground for an improved and more efficient financial system.

Ethereum is the largest smart contract platform with thousands of developers building decentralized applications from financial to games.

I know this may be a lot to digest at once and you’re not crazy enough to believe in this crap? I’m not trying to start a revolution — but perhaps the revolution is already well underway.

I urge you to take the first step and open an Ethereum account, you can do so with Argent. Buying some Ethereum and turning it into a stablecoin like DAI or USDC can turn your savings into digital currency, with which you can do banking stuff.

Currently, savings are sitting in banks, practically doing nothing. With the global yield curve inverting, those savings have begun to drain as banks start to charge you for holding and keeping your money.

That’s not good. I don’t want that, so as I found out about what I’m telling you about, I immediately started to transition into handling my own money more diligently. 10% annual percentage rate is such a good number, historically even the best investors in the stock markets could not reach such a high rate of return consistently.

Since you’re lending your money to other people in the decentralized network with the help of Ethereum’s smart contracts, you do not need to worry about anyone stealing or running away with your funds. The way Ethereum works is that it makes all of this entirely safe and puts you in command.

Meet Argent, the simplest and easiest to use crypto wallet built on Ethereum.

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