The Merchant of Menace – Jon Gulson

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19th Century Engraving of a Shakespeare Play Scene

“With the possibility of reversal, the need for trust spreads. Merchants must be wary of their customers, hassling them for more information than they would otherwise need.” Satoshi Nakamoto — Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System

When the early sounds of autumnal rustle emerge from the remnants of another summer moving on, the advance of time will throw open the question as to the singularity of a life.

Such a question is different to a meditation on the singularity of life, since there are protocols around how we share, and over time, this is how the law and its diachronic identity evolve into the subject and subjective:

It was always the intention of postmodernism to create a unified theory of everything — one which could draw together in an unspecified way, the apparent contradictions of forces at play.

In the case of money, the parallel between a reversible and [comparatively] irreversible form is an intersection where the minds are still yet to fully introduce themselves:

Centralisation can be seen as an optimal pooling of the genealogy: a legal system has to work [from] a relatively scalable basis where it’s regarded fair and rationally operational.

In the same way Shakespeare wrote of the quality of mercy and pound of flesh, which may shed new light on the burdensome modern bargaining habit and its over-expectation in relation to the advances of technology through absolving time.

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