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We’ve been busy, but it was worth it.

A lot has happened these past days but, as you assume by the title, there is a lot to discuss and to tell, so many opportunities and develop were reached and we wish to share with you all the good news we got.

1st Anniversary Cancun

First of all, we want to announce that our 1st anniversary at Cancun was a total success!

There were more than 500 guests how arrived at Hyatt Ziva Resort to celebrate and participate in our different workshops and conferences that were held.

We want to take this opportunity to extend a sincere thanks to everyone who attended and made this possible.

There were tons of new announces, that we’re going to make deeper articles soon, about our new services and technology we had developed, and those were the following:

· ICOMTECH’s new coin, ICOM:

Finally, we have successfully introduced to the market our own coin ICOM, it is already available on…

· 3 Exchange working with us through purchase-sale of our ICOM:

that’s right, our coin can be purchase and sale in the following Exchanges:




We’re going to talk more about this later in this article.

· Cryptocurrency Point-of-Sale (POS) and Cryptocurrency ATMs:

We already mentioned the development and potential of these devices that certainly will make a difference in the near future; expect soon a deeper review about these products.

· An agreement made with companies to accept ICOM: ICOM has already reached the status of a valuable currency and companies are interested on use ICOM as a payment method as well they’re going to implement our POS to make the transaction.

These were the main topics that were announced, but that wasn’t all, there where workshops, gifts, meetings, an excellent services provided by Hyatt Ziva Resort, and in addition, it was held a dinner to take a closer to this huge event.

We don’t get tired of how thankful we are to every single person who participates and make this possible.


It is finally here, as we mention, it was a huge new announcement we did on our first-anniversary event and we are really proud to present to everybody our own cryptocurrency the “ICOM”.

ICOM is something special and unique because its value will not only be held by its own like most altcoins out there, but instead to only have the purpose to be a currency as many others, this one is a powerful investing tool that will allow not only increase its own value in the market, but will fund research, develop and implementation of new technology such as Point-of-sales that allow cryptocurrency payments, special ATMs that allows users to make a direct exchange from cash to cryptocurrency or even withdraw money.

The real value that ICOM share is our compromise to improve the technology that allow more people to join this revolution that cryptocurrency is nowadays.

There will be multiple ways to acquire the ICOM, but for now, the best way to get it is joining us at https://icomtech.org, just create an account, choose one of our subscription that fits to your budget and you’ll get ICOMs immediately depending on the amount of your subscription, but not only that, as part of the profits you will generate, also your ICOMs will be multiple!

If you are wondering how are we doing this far, you can check the next link and see by yourself this explorer that is tracking our movements.


And also there is something important to say about this; it is true that the most accessible way to get your ICOM (at the moment) is via our subscription and investing with us, but also we got great news to every person interested, even if you’re not a member of ICOMTECH, and that’s our next section of this News

ICOM IS available IN 3 different EXCHANGE

We’ve already made agreements with 3 different exchanges to make business and work with our newest coin that it’s ICOM. This is just another step that will get us all to greatness.

These Exchanges are the following_







Right now, the ICOM still restricted and there are just some few coinst out on the market, the reason is that we don’t want to overflow and overwhelm the market; we are taking the advice of our financial experts that the best decision to take is to, instead to just release the coin, we’re going to distribute it via massive sales, this to keep stable the prices and give security to all our investors and member of ICOMTECH.

If you are interested in learn about this and want to go deeper, we invite you to download and read our whitepaper in the following link:


There is much more to discuss, but for now, it should be enough to encourage you to wait for our next article to learn with us a lot more about this wonderful world of cryptocurrency and ICOMTECH’s news.

Stay around!

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