2key Roadmap — Where we were, and where we are heading to 🌕

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The 2key project took off the ground in mid-2017, and since then, We are in a never-ending process of learning, building, adjusting, and repeating it. Now we know, that when building a deep-tech startup, which is always on the bleeding edge of the scientific and technological front of his space, you need to develop a behavior of an Antelope:
Run very fast, but keep your energy for long distances at changing speeds. Control your maneuver skills and don’t be afraid of constant sharp turns, jump over hedges, and sometimes, stop; look around at the landscape around you to find the right path for you.
Mental and behavioral flexibility is an essential strength for any startup!

2key started around a common idea, ideology, and passion, but since then, we have already made 4 pivots (!), some larger and others small, and we are very happy and satisfied with each one of them, that’s how we keep getting stronger and push forward in a constantly changing and volatile ecosystem.
At least once a month we stop to sit and talk, understand whether we are in the right direction, where does the big demand lyes, what are the users pain-points in our industry, what new technologies we need to explore or implement, and most importantly, are we on the path to move the needle?

When we started 2key it was only 2 of us, and very fast it grew to 3, 4, 5, and never stopped since. Today we are a team of 14 Full-time plus few part-time members, We have learned to swim all together in almost perfect synchronization, to turn a collection of individuals into one strong and stable form that can withstand any great wave on its way to its destination.
After a period of hard work and intense development, we are proud to have a precise team of professionals to lead 2key into its next chapters.

We look to the future fueled by inspiration, optimism, and excitement.

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