A ‘Binance Coin-like’ Token for Crypto iGaming on the EOS Platform

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Monster Byte is pleased to present a EOS-based token that works in the manner of BNB, in that it is a utility token with a deflationary design via buybacks and token-burning events.

If you haven’t heard of Monster Byte before, we are titans in the crypto iGaming space, having built our own Casino and Sportsbook software over the past two years. Currently we have several clients, including the #1 EOS iGaming DAPP (Dice.One), and a Top-5 TRON iGaming DAPP leveraging our Sportsbook or Casino Software. In addition, we have a proven track record unheard of in the crypto-space and a strong foundation for immense growth.

What is Monster Byte?
Monster Byte is a licensed B2B iGaming provider. Our products include a Sportsbook which operates risk-free through the use of machine learning, a suite of Provably Fair casino games, a cryptocurrency bankroll service for casino operators, and customer management solutions including wallet service. Our products are delivered via both direct API access or custom built white-label offerings.

In addition, Monster Byte is already driving revenue, and boasts a list of clients that includes AlteCarlo.com, Dice.one, TronTopia, ThunderCore and BitcoinRush. The experience of Monster Byte’s team sets it even further apart from the competition, including, among others, legendary poker player Jamie Gold on its Board of Directors.

Pre-Sale Information
Monster Byte is currently offering a limited pre-sale until the first IEO round which will occur on ShortEx.net on September 16. Token purchases during the pre-sale will include a 20% bonus, and are at a first-come first-serve basis.

You can participate in the pre-sale and find more information here: https://www.monsterbyte.io/pre-sale

Offering Details
Monster Byte is creating 105,000,000 EOS-based MBT tokens, of which 60,000,000 are to be sold during the IEO. Existing Waves-based tokens will be converted into the new EOS-based token. And tokens owned by Monster Byte principals and team members will not be converted and will instead be burned. Residents of the United States and Canada will not be able to participate in this token offering. All unsold tokens will be burned.

An in-depth overview of the token allotment can be found in Monster Byte’s whitepaper, which is viewable through our pre-sale site, or via this direct link: https://www.monsterbyte.io/images/Monster%20Byte%20-%20IEO.pdf

Benefits for MBT Holders
Token holders will benefit from structured buybacks designed to have a deflationary effect on the total supply, with significant rewards for long-term holders. All tokens that are bought-back will be burned. MBT tokens will be the preferred gaming token on MonsterGames.io, and B2B clients will receive discounts for paying for license fees in MBT. More information is available in Monster Byte’s whitepaper, on pages 15 & 16.

Purchase Details
Monster Byte tokens can be purchased on the pre-sale portal with Bitcoin, Ethereum, EOS, USDT, TRX, and Litecoin. Tokens will be available for sale on Shortex starting on September 16th. Future exchange offerings are targeted to proceed following the offering on Shortex.

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