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by Bitcoin Broski

New Conference Season, Who Dis?

Last year I had the good fortune to attend 7 crypto conferences. Each provided distinct experiences, great networking opportunities, and the ability to learn from people smarter than myself. This year is shaping up to be more active than the last, with a jam-packed travel schedule and plans to attend over a dozen conferences — what a time to be alive! Rather than just consume all of these rad experiences and keep them to myself, I thought it would be interesting to chronicle these events and spend some time reflecting on what transpires this conference season.

Now I’m not just some millennial Wanderlust spending my crypto riches on first class flights and bottle service -I was born in the bear, Bruh. Each of the events I attend serves a purpose. First and foremost, at the conferences I attend, I’ll be acting as CEO of Hashr8 Inc, promoting our new OS and seeking partners for our Innovation Programs in Ohio and Texas. Some events I’ll attend to interview interesting people for the best damn cryptomining podcast in the world, Hashr8 Podcast, or our newest media endeavor Tech Jump Podcast. And, finally, at every conference I hope I can dedicate a portion of my time to getting around smart people and learning something new.

Aside from the conferences, I’ll also be attending whatever additional events I can. After parties, networking events, and private dinners are where the real fun is had, and lasting relationships are established. Some of my fondest memories over the past 12 months have been during these parties, making new friends. I’m sure the next 12 will be very similar.

What to Expect From Me

My goal is to write something I can go back and read with enjoyment and recant fond memories. If there is a benefit to others from what comes from my travels and experiences, then that’s a huge bonus.

I plan to fully attend each of these conferences and the related events, and then detail my experiences after the conferences. There are no plans of me becoming a field reporter and breaking news stories while in attendance. If you are looking for daily updates, Twitter is your best option. There will undoubtedly be someone posting up-to-minute news every time Zooko makes a comment about vegans or Vitalik claps and giggles.

Please also be advised: I like to eat, drink, and exercise while I travel. While I’m no Anthony Bourdain (RIP), from time-to-time I may include an excerpt or food pic from a cool restaurant, a great place to grab an Old Fashioned, or a dope CrossFit gym I’ve visited. Indulge me please. I’m just an average dude, trying to enjoy myself.

A quick disclaimer: I’m figuring things out as I go. If we’re honest with ourselves, we all are. If you’re going to read this and nitpick grammar or be mad at an errant comma, my writing style may not suit you. BECAUSE I’M NOT A WRITER. Frankly, I haven’t written anything longer than 240 characters since I graduated college. While I’m being truthful let me also say, I’m not that technical? I have a firm grasp of the basics and surround myself with incredibly smart technical people for everything else I need to accomplish. My writing won’t read like a GitHub repository. You’re welcome.

Hopefully whatever my CryptoCon Chronicles become adds value or enjoyment to you in some way. We’re all just out here trying to create our own way, meet great people, build lasting memories, and make a little (or lots of) money. Take what you will from these muses and don’t overthink it. I promise I won’t either.

First up: Hodl Hodl Baltic Honeybadger 2019

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