EthIndia 2.0: My first Hackathon experience🙌 – Allen Joseph AJ

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Discover my hacker experience during the 36 hours of the EthINDIA 2.0 Although this event was a month ago. I would like to share my experience and some details of this type of event.

The MLR Convention Centre, JP Nagar, Bangalore(India’s ‘Silicon Valley’) hosted 100 teams from two to three people during a weekend to work 36 consecutive hours at EthIndia. The objective? Innovate ideas using Ethereum dApps. To get it, each team should overcome the challenge of thinking, developing and presenting a technological solution that would provide a good user experience using Ethereum to the Administration. The prizes of $11,000 in bounty prizes were awaiting winners.

With fellow developers I found through the official IRC Channel, we had the initiative to participate in the EthIndia 2019. I found it an interesting challenge and I accepted the hackathon. Participating in these kinds of events puts our skills to the test. In addition, the competition offered me a threefold motivation: to offer solutions to problems of citizenship, to develop and to implement them.

I teamed up with the following developers: Ushana Bandyopadhyay & Anoop Krishnan.

We only had two working days to devise the EthINDIA project and the instructions were very clear: 36 hours to define a technological solution related to Ethereum.

Allen Joseph AJ(me) posing for Matic Network tweet challenge

The stopwatch started. The first step of the team was to decide how we’re gonna present project. We bet for dApp against cyber-bullying. The reason? We were aware that this is a trendy topic and that gave us points. But, we also knew the technicalities in finishing this project.

One of the curiosities of the EthIndia that caught my attention was the existing competitiveness, which increased with the passage of the hours.

The night came. That point was the hardest part of the EthINDIA. Changing my usual schedule did not let me rest and this fact was a real psychological struggle against myself. Fortunately, coinciding with the sunrise, we managed to partially complete the project. I just had to prepare the presentation to complete the whole project.

Allen Joseph AJ(me) explaining the dApp to the judges.

After working for 36 hours it is hard to explain all your work in just 3–4 minutes. Without a doubt, a new challenge. After the 100 participating teams completed their presentations, I waited for deliberations …

Unfortunately, we were not the winners. Of course, I realised that the real competition had been against me: struggling against time, disorganisation and technological difficulties. And undoubtedly, I won this competition.

Without a doubt it is an unforgettable experience from all points of view. Something that I would recommend that everyone live it. Basically you put to the limit your resolutive capacity, analysis, solve problems, as well as your mind since with the passage of the hours the fatigue takes over, but the feeling of making a simple idea become a reality is the motor that will force us to continue.

“Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.”
Winston Churchill

Thank you for reading and time!
Allen Joseph AJ,
Google Code-In Finalist
InCTF finalist

Malayali gang at Hackthon

I would like to thank these people for making my first hackathon a wonderful experience.

Athul Cyriac AjayA fellow mallu i met at the event. He was so supportive and friendly to me at the hackathon. He was one of my fav person whom I met at the hackathon. To my amazement, he’s also a Github Campus expert 🙂 .

Anoop KrishnanAnother mallu i met at the event. He was my teammate at the hackathon. He was working at a firm in the cyber field. He helped me to get started with linux🐧.

Ushana BandyopadhyayMy third and final teammate who was a girl (How often do you see a girl who code?🙀). She was honestly one of the very few girls at the event. She gave me company at the event.

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