FUNCTION X — decentralized system for the world’s first Blockchain phone

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The launching & successive evolutions of the internet has in no small way created a major disruption in the world today, there seem to be a continuous adoption of internet enabled services in different sectors of the world because it offers efficiency and transparency at very minimal cost, but a sad side of the internet peculiarities is that has too many intermediaries, data theft/exploitation that sometimes increase user expenses and without their consent hold them to obligations. The blockchain technology has on its part over the years shown great promise as a first initiator of digital currencies, Ethereum enabled decenteralized services and now is on the verge of increasing it’s transaction throughput, speed, shading and then creating a 10x functional and dynamic internet service without intermediaries or encumbrances, all within a project call function (x) or F(x)

Function x would be a blockchain decentralized enabled ecosystem network. All facets of the ecosystem will be duly decentralized & adequately secured, the application source will be it’s transmission protocol and it’s hardware will be a part & parcel of the decenteralized network. The function x ecosystem will be made of five core components which namely are

F(x) operating system (Os)
F(x) public distributed ledger
F(x) docker
F(x) IPFS.

The function X uses a positive blend of all the above mentioned features and then seamlessly integrate them to work effectively on the distributed ledger network. So as to create an innovation that is not just usable but also decenteralized, transparent and capable of helping other professionals to build decentralized processes and devices. Function X is another of the very many unique projects from pundi X aimed at creating a powerful ecosystem for the seamless unification of digital (crypto) currencies means of payments into systems around the world. It bring values that are not just intangible but also tangible & same time credible. The function X is an advanced technological decentralized network with a shared concept ledger and a wholistically decentralized architecture and control management systems with unique coding capabilities. Function X is poised towards creating a web service (internet) that is fully based on blockchain decentralized peculiarities with hardware innovations that ensures the optimal functionality of blockchain algorithm & decentralized systems. It is an innovation that brings the full weight of blockchain decenteralized on into the internet world so as ensure users best internet experience.

The function X project features it’s own hardwares like smart phones. This smartphones are developed to operate on an operating system OS that is capable of processing dual functions, users of the smart phone can access the function X features and can simultaneously enjoy other enormous benefits that comes with using other Android phones, switching the phone to an X mode will automatically give the user an opportunity to use decentralized applications and then carryout transactions in a secured, fast and transparent environment. No doubt much of the function X publicity has been made possible by the Xphone, while the XPOS terminal serves a unique payment gateway for goods & services in the stores of digital currencies.

The Function X Solution

The cutting edge innovative dad of decentralization and trustless exchange is the blockchain innovation. The blockchain innovation is a database of decentralized and unchanging records drained of any obstruction of an outsider nor the control of any specialist or a foundation. This innovation has entered the great products of decentralization of administrations and exchanges into numerous zones of human undertakings.

The Function X blockchain based administrations have taken the improvement and utilization of blockchain based administrations and items above and beyond by making brilliant advanced gadgets and their related administrations to be completely decentralized. To accomplish this attack of decentralizing savvy advanced gadgets and its related administrations, Function X hesitant built up a blockchain bolstered brilliant gadget working framework known as Function X. The Function X OS is based over the Android OS, thus computerized shrewd gadgets that run the Function X OS work in the method of a decentralized (blockchain) based application gadget and can similarly work in the method of Android based keen advanced cell phone. Brilliant computerized gadgets running on the Function X working framework can be a hub taking an interest in the square approval of the Function X blockchain organize. In the blockchain method of the Function X OS on savvy computerized gadgets like telephones, clients of such telephones would now be able to speak with one another and their friends and family without their information going through an incorporated correspondence specialist co-op, rather all the correspondence information and its procedures are done on the decentralized blockchain system of the Function X blockchain convention. The correspondence of Function X OS controlled advanced savvy gadgets (telephones) utilize private key and encryption along these lines empowering clients’ information to be verified, mysterious and private. This situation readies a fruitful ground for giving control of the correspondence information to the genuine proprietors in this manner giving opportunity of advanced information control that was in the past being held by incorporated computerized specialist co-ops to the genuine individuals who utilize these computerized administrations and produce the advanced information too. Then again, the Function X OS in its Android mode, can access and run all Android based applications, the source code for the Function X OS is open source and it’s accessible for programming engineers to control and use to make their own custom Function X OS to suit their needs.

Do you want to see the product of Function X :

  • Xphone : this is very well of model product guys on there use a great of system , and based on the snapdragon and then use a good prototype system so that make comfortable for all user for use and design is very well
  • XPOS : next will updating after the Function X ready , and then XPOS make as well for operating the ecosystem and then decentralized networking for handling every node by node , and then with XPOS make as well handling the transaction fee .
  • Nodes : After Xphone and XPOS hasbeen combination so that in future will be make as well for the services , and then add Function X nodes so that will make more better for services on distribution network and performance.


Since FUNCTION X is a decentralized structure, in order to carry out all actions within the system, the founders intend to use their own token — F (X). The usefulness of which will be equally expressed for both service providers and their consumers. Moreover, by using F (X) we can make all kinds of purchases available in the DApps application and pay the Blockchain calls and many other things. As for the technical side of the issue, there is a multi-level system of transformation of markers, which is better to study directly on the technical materials of the project.


Function x is ready to provide a solution to global and the extremely ambitious task of providing comprehensive training for a fully decentralized Internet.
The function x infrastructure is a global network that will be able to solve its main tasks — to maintain user privacy, to ensure free and effective competition in the interests of the market and customers.

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