Paytomat Partners With Enecuum And Implements Payments With ERC20 Token For The First Time

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Payments in ENQ are now available via Paytomat solution across thousands of points-of-sale around the world.

September 11, 2019, Kyiv, UkrainePaytomat and Enecuum announce their partnership. With this cooperation, Enecuum (ENQ) becomes the 1st ERC20 token available as a payment method in thousands of retail businesses where Paytomat currently operates.

Yurii Olentir, Paytomat’s CEO, stated: “Payments with tokens offline are possible now. It’s a huge step forward and we are happy to join forces with Eneсuum team. Enecuum (ENQ) has a mission to make blockchain understandable and accessible to everyone and so are we”.

Mikhail Sayfullin, Enecuum’s CEO said: “We want to be honest — we are delighted with the Paytomat products! Convenient, reliable and safe. We are sure that Paytomat can make its network of vendors the largest in the world. We will be happy to do it together!”

The Paytomat Team has produced a video demonstration of Enecuum being used as payment in a real location. See it for yourself:

About Enecuum

Enecuum is a mobile blockchain protocol for Dapps. Enecuum HK Limited was registered in Hong Kong in 2017. At that moment, they were already working on the development of the Trinity blockchain protocol and other products for the Enecuum Blockchain Network.

Enecuum’s goal is to create the largest blockchain protocol and become the standard for creating Dapps with a millionth audience. Enecuum team brings to the sphere of blockchain a viable version of a decentralized ecosystem through the use of smartphones of network participants in the production of blocks.

Their Trinity algorithm combines PoA, PoW, and PoS. This hybrid approach to consensus provides a high degree of network decentralization, while also significantly increasing both network security and transaction execution speed

Enecuum has created a mobile masternode that can be installed on an Android smartphone. The mobile masternode is based on the PoA (Proof of Activity) consensus algorithm complete and publish microblocks. Just install Enecuum app on your smartphone and connect to the network. You will immediately go to the Enecuum Blockchain Network.

About Paytomat

Paytomat is an infrastructure platform enabling the use of cryptocurrencies in everyday life. Paytomat brings the possibility of the decentralized world into masses — its payment solution is suitable for any business and customers can use a non-custodial multicurrency wallet.

Paytomat Wallet has a wide functionality and it is available for download at Google Play and AppStore. It currently supports 10+ most popular cryptocurrencies (BTC, LTC, ETH, DASH, Waves, XEM, EOS and others), BEP2, EOS, ERC20, and NEM tokens.

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