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How to have the absolute best Pic One experience.

At Pic Labs we’re always trying to help people Pic One. So we’ve created a guide on how to install Metamask, the current wallet best suited for the game. In the future, we will integrate more wallets so always keep your eyes peeled!

Go to the Chrome web store and add the Metamask extension to Chrome.

Click on the little Fox icon at the top right of your computer if the Get Started page from Metamask doesn’t automatically pop up. If it does, proceed directly to Step 3.

Click Get Started and then Let’s Get Set Up. We will proceed as if you are setting up a wallet for the first time. If you already have a Metamask account with saved seed phrase, you can also recover your old wallet here but if you need help with the recovery process of an old wallet, let us know and we’d be glad to try and help you out!

Create a strong password.

Now comes a bit of a tricky part. It’s time to click to reveal your secret backup phrase. Remember, this is the only way you recover your account. We would highly recommend you store it either inside a password manager or write it down and keep it somewhere safe.

Downloading and keeping it in a encrypted hard drive is also a great bet.

Confirm your secret backup phrase in the correct order and click through the congratulations screen. There’s a few more tips there on how to keep your phrase extra safe!

Come back to Pic One, everyone is waiting for you!

Give our site access to view your address and sign the message. If you need extra help there are tutorials on our website!

Here’s where it can get tricky. Metamask is still not the most user-friendly and the signature request often doesn’t pop up. You’ll need to sign in order to deposit funds and start playing. In fact, both the account access and signature request are required every time you come to Pic One. If it ever seems like you’re stuck, it’s always a good bet to check that you’ve done both of these items.

Click on that little Fox icon on the toolbar again and you should see a message to sign:

Sometimes it can look like this where you have click on the pending Signature Request before you see the signable message:


Now it’s time to fund your account and start playing Pic One. Click on our guide below to get on your way to winning big.

Guide to putting Eth on Pic One

Gameplay Guide

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