A Snapshot of our Ceremony – AZTEC Protocol

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AZTEC’s global MPC setup ceremony will create an open source asset for the community — a ‘common reference string’ (CRS), which AZTEC and future cryptosystems can use.

In order to create this CRS, we need the help of financial and technology institutions, FinTechs, dapps and most importantly blockchain community members worldwide.

Each participant will create randomness — the foundation on which the security of our proofs is based.

A good analogy is a group of people shuffling a deck of cards. Each person shuffles the deck (in AZTEC’s ceremony, by adding randomness into the a transcript), and then hands the pack to the next participant.

Photo by Jack Hamilton on Unsplash

To unshuffle the entire process, an attacker needs to know the randomness of every single participant — if only one participant’s randomness is hidden, our cryptosystem is secure.

This is why we are looking to involve participants from around the world — to make it impossible for a theoretical attacker to un-randomise the whole process and create value within cryptosystems.

Our ceremony begins in October, and we want you to take part.

It couldn’t be simpler — just download and run our Docker client. This will automatically perform the computation for you.

Terminal view of running the MPC

Once running, the computation will take a few hours to complete on a high specced computer.

After you have signed up, we will be in touch soon with more information and the specific details of how to securely download and run our MPC client.

Follow the ceremony live from our Earth View which is already running in preparation for October.

Read our announcement article and Basic / Advanced explanations.

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