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Time: 9am — 6pm (September 20, 2019).

Location: Zhonghan Park


Topics of Blockchain Summit in workshop will discuss the overall introduction of the project — Trustinvestment and its diversified ecosystem, the context of current cryptocurrency mining, innovative technology and the high — quality of blockchain, international payment and economic regulations. This event is aimed at applications with the latest technology in the field of payment today, analysis by leading experts in cryptocurrency and technology in the world.

The event program has a lot of details from the CEO of the group — Mr. Levon Jivanyan — CEO and founder of the renewable Bitcoin mining Trustinvestment Group. Before becoming a founding shareholder of Trustinvestment, I was a co-founder of Nasdaq — International Solar, Vivopower International PLC. I joined the founding shareholders of TrustInvestment in February 2018 and also played in a role in making the strategy and vision of Trustinvestment. My strenght is the technology industry with security protocols like Cryptonote, Coinjoin, …

Mr. George Meserve, is one of the leaders of the blockchain technology development team and the POS algorithm of the renewable bitcoin mining — Trustinvestment. He used to work for reputable companies like Deutsche Bank, which is a company that specializes in algorithm-based trading platforms and flexible foreign exchange markets. After many years of working at technology companies such as C++11, C ++14, Boost, STL, Linux, he has also published software related to cryptocurrency mining, foreign exchange trading software, smart contract,….

Mr. Riwan Colas, co-founder and CEO of Trustexc, launched the world’s leading cryptocurrency trading platform — He will also participate in a summit in dialogue with the main speakers on the topic: “How can traditional digital trading floors adapt in the new era of DeFi and FinTech” and share about Trustexc’s different strategy with cryptocurrency exchange.

Introduction about Trustinvestment

Trustinvestment is a cryptocurrency mining service, providing an easy and safe way to buy mining power without having to install complex hardware and software. Trustinvestment provide managed cryptocurrency mining service and a wide range of solutions related to virtual currency mining for small clients to large clients. The combination of our algorithm exchange framework, cryptocurrency mining infrastructure and proprietary farm management software, has quickly made us a pioneer in the industry. Trustinvestment is the world’s first autonomous mining solution focusing on alternative energy sources.

We hope you will have an enjoyable trip in beautiful Singapore.

Your sincerely,

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