The Bitcoin Avengers- Bybitz AMA Recap 18th September 2019.

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The Thor Admin :-

Hey Hey Avengers !!!!!! 🔥
Good Morning ! Good Afternoon ! Good Evening Ladies and Gentlemens 💚

Now, we gonna Start our #AMA with another Great Project — BYZBIT👌

Our special Guests from BYZBIT Team for this #AMA are:-

Sean Ginoy @Sololot (President At BYZBIT)
Dr. Angelito Argete @Angel1577 (Executive Vice President)
Jerry Lucas @JesterPogi ( VP Of Operation)

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Byzbit Telegram Community :-



Letssssss #Welcome our Special Guests :- Sean Ginoy @Sololot, Dr. Angelito Argete @Angel1577 & Jerry Lucas @JesterPogi🔥

You all are Welcome in our Avengers Community.
Glad to meet you all❤️

Dr. Angelito Argete:- lets start rolling questions, we will be glad to answer it for you to have more deeper understanding about our project..

Jerry Lucas:- thank you for inviting us here

Sean Ginoy:- Thanks guys.. 😊😊

The Thor Admin:-

Okay, Avengers. So before moving towards #AMA,
I will again share some Important Rules & how the #AMA will work 😄

🌟 Rules of the AMA 🌟
1. There will be 2 Rounds.
2. Send 3–5 Questions Per Round.
3. If your question is answered then please do not repeat the same question in next Round.
4. We will unmute the chat 2 times for our community Questions (15 seconds each).
5. Please follow the Rules.

Visit #Byzbit Website, Prepare Good Quality Questions & Get Involved in AMA Session ❤️

🌟#AMA is Divided into 2 Segments🌟

Segment 1 :- The Thor (@BitcoinAvenger) will ask some questions to our guests.

Segment 2 :- This Segment is for our community. We will umute the Chat and then you (#Avenegers) will be able to send your questions here✌️
Then Byzbit team will answer the community questions.
There will be total of 2 Rounds (We will Unmute the Chat for 15 seconds for each Round).

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Best of Luck Avengers✌️🤟

Let’s start our segment 1❤️

Ans:- BYZBIT is the unit of value representing the production made in the papermill factory. We will have an eco-system that will help farmers employees and environment.

To create an ecosystem that can help farmers, people and the environment

Byzbit is a utility token, it can used for our agri-waste paper mill project so that wasting of fiat dollar in importing papers here in ethiopia will be eradicated, by using our token they(distributors) can purchase papers locally here and no need to shell out dollars, they can used their birrs in purchaing token from byzbit exchange.

The Thor Admin:- Great 👍👌
I Loved it. Because you care for our Farmers❤️❤️

So my next question for you guys :-

Ans:- As we said, this project is for the environment and for farmers, we will buy agriwaste like rice straw, teff straw etc, to increase their income and avoid cutting down trees for paper production.

Paper mill factory concept started in Philippines with my fellow engrs who enhance the study of producing papers from agricultural waste like bagasse, rice straw instead of cutting trees, there’s a way we can preserved our environment and avoid burning of this agricultural waste that can add to our problem in ozone layer. This idea has been adopted and we conducted More than a year of feasibility study here in Ethiopia since 93% of there product came from farming and they have a huge land to do it so 3x larger than Philippines and yet they are importing papers from Asia like Thailand, Malaysia and even from Philippines because they have no idea that this agri waste can be converted into paper. With this project we can help the east Africa not only Ethiopia to reduce the price of 1 ream of paper from $8.3 to $4.5 to $5 and they don’t need to speed dollars in importing this papers. With this, we are helping the east Africa economy and environment as well.

Main motive of PaperMill factory is to protect our environment by reducing the cutting of trees by using other alternatives and helping our farmers as well..

The Thor Admin:– Okay !! Means this #Innovative blockchain startup belongs to Philippines?

Original concept and study, YES but since i’d been here in Ethiopia for more than 8 years already we try to expand our horizon, one of our goal is to help also this poor but progressing countries in horn of Africa, and since the AFRICAN UNION headquarters is here its a best chance for us to get support for this project very soon.. which is why we might also going to open later another paper mill in west africa after the negotiation with some interested business man from that area.. and byzbit will always be our partner for this project.

The Thor Admin:- Awesome 😎😎

My next question ……..

Ans:- As what we explain a while ago sir, this token will be used by those distributors to get papers from our paper mill, those distributors who will pay using our token will enjoy some benefits and big discounts, benefits such as we can deliver their papers from our factory to there area for free, freebies and some stuff as well. since it will also use as a salary of our employees, we will rest assured that 365/year it will always circulate in our system. for the holders, they can enjoy trading this token with our distributors or they can trade it in the exchange since we have a stable price with our token, it will not be affected every time the crypto experience it turn down in market price.

The main usecase of byzbit will be used to pay for the jumbo rolls of papermill distributors. Since the byzbit supply is limited, the holders will have to deal with the exchanges, they will also enjoy the release of our byzbit apps which will be used for billing payments and use in ITECH’s services in the future.

The Thor Admin:- Yes, people love Discounts.
One more thing that you #BYT tokens has a low supply. So it will surely attract people ❤️🔥

Great… So my last question for you …..

Ans:- Pre-Sale will give opportunity to hold BYT at lower price.. If they miss the Pre-Sale, they have still time to buy at our IEO which will be held in tokpie.. Confirmed listings will be on UnNamed Exchange, Tokpie, Metamorp.. We are still on negotiation on other exchanges as well.

Of course yes, we are being transparent from the start of this project sir.. and we will always be transparent to our customers especially to those distributors here once we started the private sales in here which we are stated to organize already. All necessary information with regards on our IEO and listing plans are posted in our website and if in case you did not find answer in your question there, you are all free to contact us anytime.. thank you very much for such interesting and very motivational questions.

The Thor Admin:- Ahh, waiting for UnNamed Exchange!!! 😜😘
Listing at good exchanges is a key of success for any Project❤️🔥

Thank you Guys for answering my questions in Detailed and informative way ❤️

Let’s Start our Segment 2
Are you ready guys for having some questions from our community.🔥

Sean Ginoy:- It is our pleasure sir.. Thanks 😊

Dr. Angelito Argete:- Your always welcome and were glad we have this kind of discussions.. in behalf of byzbit team we would like to say thank you and looking forward for your support with our project.

Jerry Lucas:- Yes sir 😊

The Thor Admin:- Okay. Let’s start ❤️

Chat I know you are always ready…..

Chat I know you are always ready…..


Community Posted The Questions and Sean Ginoy, Dr. Angelito Argete & Jerry Lucas Started Answering Them.

Ans:- We are looking at it.. As of this moment we are focus on the success of this project..

Ans:- If you are distributor, you will enjoy the benefits of big discounts and freebies from papermill factory.

Ans:- Protecting the environment is the main reason for this project.

Ans:- Our next major step will be to set up our Agri- Paper Mill factory in Ethiopia and further expansion of our services.

Also we will follow up our roadmap

Byzbit will become byzbit enter price in the future, we will expand our services not only in agricultural and industrial sector, we are also planning to expand on health, entertain-main and finance

Ans:- When you participate in Private sale/presale, you will get byzbit in cheaper price.. price of byzbit as of now is $0.3, the price of byzbit on IEO will be $0.5.

Ans:- Byzbit is now at the developing stage, we are going with our roadmap. As per it, byzbit’s products will be available soon, in near future 👍

Ans:- This will be helpful to those businessman who don’t want to buy the dollars to make trades, instead they can buy byzbit with there local currency in fiat or with other crypto like btc, eth, ltc in this way they can assure of continues transaction and doing business with our projects with out worry about when to buy dollars especially in african cou tries that many voltures in black market taking advantages of the short of supply in the bank.

Ans:- Yes we have burn mechanism, we did the burn mechanism just in case we migrate ourselves to our the blockchain.

Ans:- 1. yes it is one of our plan..

2. We are back by ITECH which is our partner.. Having them is a good advantage to our project.

Ans:- Byzbit means adaptation of business into crypto/blockchain. BYZ- business and bit — bitcoin/digital

Ans:- it will be used inside the paper mill project, distributors will use our token to purchase discounted price of bulk of papers, employee will be using this as a method of receiving their salaries and they can exchange into fiat at anytime in our internal market. it don’t need to circulate more in many exchange since it has its own application in the paper mill..*

Ans:- By the help of the papermill that will reduced or even eliminate the cutting of trees for paper production which byzbit will be used in the form of payments salaries, and other services from the papermill..

Ans:- We have done, a lot of research before starting the project and getting aware the market’s conditions.

Also, it’s fortunately good that, Dr. Angel has been working in Ethopia for more than 8 yrs and have gather a good relationship with the gov.💯

💎As per the byzbit’s backup, It will be backed up with real assets like paper mill, bonds, paper rolls and many more.💎

Ans:- No, Byzbit’s Pre-Sale is open for all and there’s no restriction
Users can engage in byzbit pre-sale directly, through our official website (

As per IEO, it depends upon the exchange and their guidelines.🔥

Ans:- Yes, we will have our own paper mill factory.

Ans:- Byzbit concept started when itech Philippines introduce the agri waste project here in Ethiopia, since there are some scursity of dollars in the market for the business man here in east Africa we decided to incorporate crypto thing to make transaction later more easier for the distributors and factory without relying on the bank transaction time.. distributors can paid there orders even at midnight without bank intervention.. this will also help the country saving there dollar stock not to be spend because they have alternatives and they can get the byzbit by using their local currency.

Ans:- BYT token will be used for all the payment related to Byzbit.
Since, trading with foreign partners via banking is not efficient and costs much fees.

BYT token (erc20) will help to overcome this situation and will be used for all modes of payment. Moreover, its the BEST, SECURE, FAST and EFFICIENT method.👏

Ans:- You can see our white paper for projected profit sir.

Ans:- once the full operation of the paper mill achieve by next year, byzbit will start circulating inside sir and that time we don’t need to extend the program of sales.. the next thing to be done is the team may develop an apps that will make it more easier to byzbit holder trade and hold their tokens, as for our project, we are also planning to incorporate byzbit in other related environmental project in west africa like agri-waste paper mill expansion, clean water and energy projects.

Ans:- 40% of the net profit of the papermill will be backup for the byzbit.

Ans:- Yes, that’s why we are conducting our pre-sale and IEOs. To attract the early investors. This will be beneficial for both the sides as becoming an early investor will ensure to stake BYT token at an discounted price and enjoy a good future ahead😇

Ans:- As the economy progresses, paper demand increases. I do not think that paper usege will decrease

The Thor Admin:- Shall we start our next & final round, with fresh Questions?

Dr. Angelito:- lets do round 2 sit

Jerry Lucas:- Okay sir..

The Thor Admin:- Guys this round will be for 20 seconds, so you guys can send Questions again which were deleted by our bot.

5..4..3..2..1.. go go go go 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

Round 2 Questions:-

Ans:- Ethiopia,

Ans:- Yes, we do have any plans to attract non-crypto investors to BYZBIT. Papermill its self can attract investors, as our main product is jumbo rolls of paper w/c they will cut into different sizes such as A3, A4, legal size and so on, to do bussiness from us they will use BYZBIT to purchase jumbo rolls of paper form them to get discounted price.

Ans:- Its already available in the main net and we suggest to use the metamask or imtoken.

Ans:- we all know that ERC20 or Ethereum blockchain has the largest community and support, thats why we choose erc20

Ans:- yes you can

Ans:- We rest assured that byzbit will not be idle, with the lots of advantages for our distributors using the byzbit they will continue to circulate in in the paper mill industry here.. we are planning to expand the use of byzbit in other projects like renewable energy, potable and drinkable water for Africa, with this even a small customer can enjoy the use of byzbit in the community..

Ans:- This study started from the Philippines, where in Philippines is an agricultural country, the purpose of this is to help farmers and give them extra income by buying their agricultural waste.

Ans:- Paper mill permits, legalities are already on process, as you can see on our roadmap we are ahead of the schedule dealing with it.. were looking forward the start of factory construction will start first quarter of next year.

Ans:- Yes, we will use blockchain technology for the ledger, so that this will be transparent to the merchant

Ans:- Interesting question, fortunately, there is no competition in our area of locations.. as we mention ago, east African countries are importing papers from asia, this is a very good advantage for our company..

Ans:- Offices, schools and other establishment uses papers for their documents. super markets and malls are also use papers for groceries. and all research we made tells that usage of papers are increasing inline with the development of the country.

Ans:- Some crypto project dont have usecase of their tokens/coins thats why those project died after IEO/ICO etc.. Byzbit has it usage, it has business model thats why this project will survive

Ans:- There are some exchange already offered partnership with us and even listing are already put in the table, on next month we will start ieo in some exchange and listing will follow immediately.

Ans:- Private sale is currently running, public sale later on different exchange but price may getting high.. right now its $0.3 per 1 BYT in the public sale it will be $0.5 per BYT, you can participate in our private sales by purchasing from our website.

Ans:- Byzbit is an erc20 token form Ethereum blockchain.

Ans:- Overall supply is only 100 Million, for public sale we will only release 20% and 15% in private sales

Ans:- We plan to have a byzbit enterprice, an ecosystem of business that uses byzbit, in this case byzbit network will increase.

Ans:- Byzbit has a paper-mill on his back, by means of these we will survive even in bear market.

Ans:- There will more usecase of byzbit in the future, byzbit will launch byzbit enterprice, we will expand our services on entertainment, health and finance.

Ans:- We know there will be competition, to expand our services.

Ans:- Byzbit is exclusively use inside the paper mill business circulations.. from factory to the distributors and to the regular client, with this byzbit don’t need to rely on the fluctuation of crypto since it has also a stable value it will attract more investor/distributors to hold and once they use this token in doing transaction with the paper mill factory they will have more big discounts and perks compare to those who still use fiat in purchasing papers from the paper mill.

Ans:- There are six core member of this project and there are some teams like to contribute and become part of the byzbit group, you can get all the information in our website

Ans:- Please refer to our roadmap posted in our website to get more information.

Ans:- Having byzbit right now while the price is still cheaper can be your advantage later when it goes to the listing already, since byzbit will be the mean of payment to purchase paper from our paper mill it means, many distributors may need this later and they will purchase more since they will get more big discounts and perks by using it. BYZBIT will also be use in the later additional eco friendly project that we have already in mind like potable water service for the africans, cheaper renewable power and even it will be used in importing equipments and other related stuff going to east Africa.

Ans:- Byzbit is backup by the papermill this will secure the value of the token.

Ans:- Definitely YES, with the effort of each team we are really in a good progress as of this days..

Ans:- Before we launch our project on different countries especially those countries that has restriction, we will comply first for the legalities.

Ans:- Tokpie has a anti-dump feature, this is why we selected tokpie.

Ans:- You can buy on our official page.

Ans:- 4–5 from now, I think byzbit enterprice will launch

Ans:- yes we do have.

Ans:- It took more than a year for us to finished the Feasibility Study of this project, we don’t want to be compulsive especially with this thing, even we need to request approval from many government office since most of the company here are government owned.

Ans:- Yes we also plan to have our own dapp.

Ans:- Availability of raw materials and the awareness of african people qho are mainly our clients, many people have no idea yet that papers can be produce not only by cutting trees but this idea needs to expand more, dealing with government is one of the challenge in introducing byzbit since some African countries are late in terms of technology adoption but with proper information discrimination and continue giving awareness we believe we can achieve the success very soon.

Jerry Lucas:- Thank you sir giving us this time.

Dr. Angelito:- Its our pleasure to enlighten our participants on this event. even after this AMA the byzbit team is very much willing to answer still some of your question in mind.. just dm any of the members of the byzbit.. THANK YOU very much to the moderator and all participants..

Important Links

Byzbit Telegram Community:-



It was a pleasure to conduct an AMA with such a Great project Like Byzbit. 💜

Thank you for your time Byzbit Team.

Hopefully Byzbit will perform great in the IEO and also After the IEO.❤️
All the Best to you and your Project 🔥

Also we like to thank “The Bitcoin Avengers” community for your awesome questions. thank all , Keep Supporting us. 🔥🔥

Thank You 🌻🌻

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