Canlead is the first AI-driven job and opportunity sharing platform powered by blockchain.

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Canlead is a startup, the company’s business case was proven in the real-world of recruitment, sales, business development. Canlead is launching an online service where the customers, referrers, and candidates can choose to create a Canlead user account so they may list their unique opportunities or refer their friends — making the job, product, service opportunity sharing, and referral easy, enjoyable and safe.

Canlead has two domains, the real-world or off-chain domain, and the blockchain or on-chain domain. The on-chain domain is known as the ‘Canlead Protocol’ that allows authorized 3rd party platforms to request services provided by the Canlead Smart Contract, thereby creating the Canlead ecosystem. The off-chain domain is known as the Canlead Platform or App, to focus on the jobs and property market.

At the center of the Canlead ecosystem is a set of advanced smart contracts hosted on the Ethereum blockchain -it’s open source. The approach to Tokenise Opportunities is based on the Canlead Fee Staking System Smart Contract (FairOp). It’s similar to the blockchain voting concept, where users spend the ‘Opportunity Stake Token’ to advertise their job opportunities and the ‘Referral Stake Token’ to obtain the job opportunity they want to refer talented candidates.

Anyone can register with Canlead as a customer and post a job opportunity along with an appropriate success or referral fee. They invite their network of contacts to join Canlead as trusted connections or referrers. The customer receives referrals from their network, but at any point, a candidate can become a referrer and invite their contacts to join and connect, so they can refer them to the customer and other opportunities on the site- continually growing the value of the total network.

All parties are peers on the network, and the state of referrals and relationships is visible on the blockchain at all times, to ensure fair payment of rewards on successful hiring.

The Canlead 1000 ETH bonus and the Canlead Contest

Join the “Refer To Win” contest to win 100 ETH and be part of the first 4000 contributors in the CANLEAD IEO who will be rewarded 1000 ETH IEO bonus, learn more here

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