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Since its launch, the price of Bitcoin has been up to 1,800% since its launch, and being a more democratic currency that the world of fiat money or currency, fear have crept up across the world of classic cars, stocks, bonds, fiat money and other valuables once considered as a sound investment.

With the cloud of a potential crash in traditional financial system ever so close to the horizon, Bitcoin is safe! Crisis after crisis served as proof that banks are no longer safe have proven that with Bitcoin you are in control!

Imagine a situation when the money that you hold, possesses no value overnight. Imagine saving thousands only to find that your money no longer holds the value it is supposed to hold thanks to say, an economic downturn, hyper-inflation or even war.

This happened in China, when the Yuan started devaluing which led users to store savings in a more reliable currency. In Greece, people began thinking of other ways to pay for goods, one without the eyes of central authority involved. Though an economic meltdown may not come to our shores anytime soon, but the threat is real and a democratic form of payment method is certainly the way to go.

Fiat money or the USD you are holding works like your grandfather — you cannot teach an old dog new tricks and that is what money is like. So what would you do with your fiat money? Some people convert their money to USD, Euro, Gold or Properties. But they are not as mobile, decentralized (no government intervention), fungible and secure as Bitcoin. And the beautiful thing is, Bitcoin functions seamlessly well both as money and asset.

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