Matrix Verification Masternode August Earnings Report

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Updated Matrix Verification Masternode participation incentive statistics!

Due to the joint mining, the number of Matrix nodes keeps changing and the rewards get easily influenced by the changing numbers of stake participation. This report will register the the statistical fluctuation and highlight the corresponding reasons. For the basic information about Matrix Masternode participation incentives, please read “An introduction to the Matrix AI Network”.


·Our data sample is used: August 1, 2019 to August 31, 2019

·Data only considers block rewards. Incentives such as stake rewards and joint minging rewards are not included in this calculation.

·Only Verification Masternodes that have been online for at least 2500 total minutes and never receive incentives are included to ensure greater accuracy and scalability of results.

·Punished Verification Masternodes that have been forced to forfeit selection opportunities are included in the data. The Matrix team will consider excluding Punished Masternodes in future reports.

Verification Masternode Annual ROI — Aug 1, 2019 to Aug 31, 2019

  • Data sets with 0 stake are not registered in the graph above. Check the specific data in the table below.

Between Aug 1 and Aug 31, 2019, a total of 59 Verification Masternodes were online for at least 2500 minutes. The number of recorded Verification Masternodes per stake level is as follows:

Deviation between Stake Levels

There are several factors contributing to the ROI including the relatively how minimum uptime requirement for inclusion in this data set (2500 minutes) and the unequal number of nodes at each stake level. Raising the sample size to being online for over 5000 minutes or 10,000 minutes illustrates this phenomenon. Additionally, if there are only a small handful of nodes in a given stake level, a single malfunctioning node can skew the data.

  • Data sets with 0 stake are not registered in the graph above. Check the specific data in the table below.


Q1: Why do some nodes have a zero ROI?

A1: The rewards of joint mining can be easily influenced by factors including stake numbers and selection time, so they are not included in this Masternode Verification rewards report, resulting in a decrease of the number of nodes. Some nodes hold zero stake and ROI.

Q2: Why does the ROI become lower than the previous ones?

A2: This issue is still highly relevant to joint mining. The growing number of mining pools and participators make the Verification Masternodes rewards fewer. Check the changing number of joint mining participators below:

If you find that your current performance differs greatly from the data listed above, please send an email to or contact a member of the Matrix team on Telegram.

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