Privix.Blockchain Phase 4 is Coming –

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Regarding our PoS Block Reward found on our website, Privix Blockchain is now in Phase 3.

On Phase 3, rewards are 2.75 VPX, which according to is worth $42. Investors owning a VPX Masternode are earning $175 everyday while the price is finding a stable value.

You can trade VPX on Crypto-Bridge.

What can we expect from Privix Team in the future ?

In the next few days & weeks, Privix team efforts will be focused on expanding the exposure of

While proceeding the swap, our developers have been working on some new features which will be released really soon.

Privix.Core (read description here: will the first Privix Product to be released.

Currently Privix Team is working on a updated roadmap to fit our current development.
In next couple of days the developers will share re-worked roadmap because of several changes if it comes to priorities and order.
Whole Privix community can expect much more activity from now on where we will focus more on communication and marketing side together with development.

Privix is currently in close partnership with Trittium and Simple Pos Pool.

Join Trittium on : and start getting rewards immediately!

▶ 3-Step investment setup
▶ Auto-Reinvest rewards
▶ Instant withdrawals for 95% of the requests (max 6 hours for the rest)
▶ Frequent rewards (payments every 6 hours)
▶ Add more coins to existing investment
▶ Withdraw from investment any time
▶ Low minimum investment (just 10 EUR value)
▶ No cap on investment amount
▶ Low fees
▶ No tech Knowledge needed
▶ 3-clicks setup
▶ Price: 1.79 €/Month. Volume discounts available.
▶ Fees charged daily in TRTT
▶ 24/7 service

trttNodes Guides
How to invest with trttNodes
Cold Nodes setup at trttNodes

PRIVIX announcement on SPP
What makes SPP different?

▶ Start with no limitations or barriers.
▶ Staking pools — no shares nor slots. All your balance outside a masternode will stake if the coin has PoS.
▶ Masternode pools — choose a masternode of your choice and acquire your slots.
▶ Instant rewards — no waiting for the first rewards or masternode filling. If the masternode has an active status it means it´s already rewarding. Follow the rewards on our discord.
▶ Withdrawals — no coins locked for days and waiting for replacement.
▶ Flexible management — you can deposit more coins and acquire even more masternode slots.
▶ Low fees and transparent fees — 3% on PoS stakes and 5% on masternode rewards. For a masternode with a monthly expected return below 100$ we have an addition of 1.99$ hosting fee.
▶ Fees paid in the same coin you´re staking or masternode you´re in.
Earn without concerns: we take care of the wallet issues.

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