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Hail Mary solution to the impending Sixth Extinction? Bank the billions of unbanked with Verge Currency & enable the collective will to conquer existential threats like climate change, instead of wasting precious time overfishing, overforesting, poaching, polluting, & warring out of financial greed & desperation.

I would like to THANK YOU for your endeavor to help save the bees. They are so essential in maintaining our food supply and one critical piece of the jigsaw puzzle of our existence, but, may I ask you to consider taking your philanthropic initiatives a few more steps farther?

All species are living in a slowly dying world, our only home, which is why those with the drive and determination must take a leadership position and act swiftly to slow the process down, or more optimistically, reverse the damage the scientific consensus have warned us is the direct result of our global footprint, one that started at the dawn of the Industrial Revolution, now exasperated with the unprecedented expansion over the last 50 years due to our dependence on oil.

With so many issues of the day politicized to win games of thrones, science, or more specifically, the scientific method, is apolitical yet it affects us all. It’s up to us to learn from science and pave a way forward. That said, please allow me to introduce you to one such path which may actually prove to be the catalyst humanity longs for, sparking the emergence of a global collective will to contribute time, expertise, funding, and other necessary resources en masse required for action on matters where governments, so far, have failed — bank the unbanked with Verge Currency and raise the quality of billions of lives with financial autonomy, freedom, and security. It’s Egostic Altruism at its FINEST.

As a fellow Vergefam, I like to THANK YOU also for your tremendous support for Verge Currency, whose mission is “to empower people around the world by bringing blockchain transactions into everyday life”. As you probably already know, their game changing wallets are so easy to use, even everyone’s mother can now transact privately, anonymously, and securely with anyone in the world. This is why I think Verge is even better than Bitcoin. This is why I think Verge Currency can save humanity from itself.

We are distracted by our own indecent living standards with insufficient clean water and income to afford food, shelter, education and medical care. No wonder we live in a such paranoid and distressed society drenched in despair, merely trying to stay afloat from drowning in the very debt incurred for these basic needs. If only our society was healthy enough to focus keenly on collectively overcoming the depressing growing list of threats to our existence instead. And no wonder why we have yet to discover evidence of “intelligent” life elsewhere in the universe — they must have run out of time.

I really like the idea of egoistic altruism. Please watch the Kurzgesagt video if you have not as of yet. It may be utopian, but again, time is of the essence.

So… MindGeek, are you an Egoistic Altruist? I merely have a dream. Can you make it into a reality?


C. K.

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