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Ingot Coin is a new financial project aimed at integrating traditional finance with technology-driven blockchain technology. This innovative solution will create tools for managing any type of financial assets specified in crypto currencies and traditional fiat units.

Problems that exist in this industry
The modern financial system that relies on centralized systems has two major problems — lack of efficiency in operations and transparency for consumers. If you previously received this vulnerability due to a lack of alternatives, you can now remove it due to possible crypto assets. However, the deployment of blockades within the financial environment is hindered by several obstacles:

Lack of direct links between crypto currencies and traditional financial markets. Now they operate independently of one another, as financiers cannot diversify the risk of using both instruments. Capital transfers between centralized and decentralized systems now take a long time and require significant commission payments.
Excessive centralization of financial markets leads to the fact that to perform certain operations, it may take a long time. That’s not acceptable when working with crypto currencies.
Existing systems process transactions through a large number of third parties, which provide the necessary security, but cost too much in the form of commissions. Using blocking technology will achieve the transparency and reliability required without the intermediary due to the platform user’s actions.

Investing in critical currencies is now limited by the fact that with the recent decline in exchange rates, consumers are not immediately able to attract traditional investments. As a result, confidence in the crypto-currency market of the major players has disappeared.

The INGOT aim is to bring a solution to the many problems identified, through the INGOT Coin (IC) ecosystem. This will be done by integrating 6 core ecosystem components and providing a one-stop shop for the digital asset, traditional asset and currency market to solve all the above mentioned challenges. By so doing the INGOT coin is creating a link between the crypto market and the traditional market. The 6 core ecosystems created will work under a single umbrella, providing all community members the chance to capitalize on upcoming opportunities in the markets. The 6 components include:, The IC exchange, IC brokerage, IC digital bank, IC certifier, IC wallet and IC ICO accelerator.


  • IC Wallet — This is a blockchain based absolutely cry2 pockets used as a piece of setting without end every single computerized cash on the Ingot natural network. Users in the ingot coin ecosystem would be able to use the IC wallet to store, receive and send various cryptocurrencies to and from exchanges and other wallets.
    • IC exchange: the IC exchange is where crypto trading activities would be carried out. IC exchange grants examiners interchange computerized types of cash, fiat financial necessities, customary budgetary instrument -the IC brokerage: the IC brokerage would effectively facilitate liquidity in financial trading and investment.
    • IC digital bank: the IC bank monitors the IC brokerage and the IC exchange as well as the funds and trading activities of users.
    • IC brokerage- This element is to execute liquidity and the arrangement of a few money related open doors for financial specialists through the Ingot Coin Brokerage entry.
    • IC certifier: the IC certifier is responsible for the cryptocurrency trading trainings for users. IC crypto certifier goes for offering figuring out how to examiners roughly blockchain, cryptography, managerial consistence and budgetary directing.
    • IC ICO accelerator: the IC ICO accelerator helps in the raising of funds through marketing and other means.

DO NOT token token information
Before ICO begins: May 1, 2018
Before ICO ended: 30 June 2018
ICO begins: July 1, 2018
ICO expires: August 11, 2018
Token: IC
Price: 1 IC = 1 USD
Bounty: Available
Platform: Ethereum (ERC20)
Soft Cap: $ 37,000,000
Hard Cap: 90,000,000 USD
Country of origin: Estonia
Blockchain technology has always been a means of integrating industry or sector to solve financial problems. INGOT coin will integrate digital banking, Exchange, ICO Accelerator, Brokage, and Certifier into the transparent ecosystem.

1.Q3 2017

Discovering the existing financial industry threats.

Pinpoint the challenges of non-transparent and inefficient

regulatory associations which increased the restrictions of

fundraising and liquidity.

2. Q4 2017

Analyzing the vast uses of blockchain technology.
Worked excessively on finding a unique solution that will
provide a complete solution for all financial industry

3. Q1 2018

Business model and financial feasibility study.
Completed a full business model integrating a Digital
Banking solution, Digital wallet, Brokerage and Exchange
while providing a Crypto Certifier and ICO Accelerator.

4. Q2 2018

Publishing INGOT’s Whitepaper
Analyzing the mechanisms of providing a full Ecosystem
that aims to fulfill all regulatory, stakeholders and market
participants of the financial industry

Bounty Program Released.
Detailed bounty program is released to raise awareness of
this revolutionary ecosystem on multiple media mediums.

5. Q3 2018

INGOT’s first round ICO.
IC will be available for sale for a limited time: Be the first
to invest in it.

6. Q4 2018

IC Wallet Goes Live.
Equiped with the highest security standards, the wallet
will provide swift and smooth transfers. This wallet will
be able to hold multi asset classes, ranging from Crypto
Currencies to fiat Currencies along with Traditional Assets.

7. Q2 2019

IC Digital Bank Is Open For Business.
The fully licensed bank will provide various banking
services such as current accounts, e-payments, fund
management and custodial duties

8. Q3 2019

Completing the Ecosystem Components.

INGOT will be adding the following integrated components
to complete a full solution for all market participants.

IC Brokerage.
Providing a vast range of financial products including: fiat
currencies, Equities, Bonds, Commodities and ETFs while
ensuring high level efficiency and liquidity.

IC Exchange and IC Liquidity Pool.
IC holders will have the opportunity of trading Crypto
Currencies as well as listing their new ICO coins on IC
Exchange. Crypto trading will be against other crypto
currencies, fiat currencies and traditional financial
instruments with insured liquidity by our liquidity pool.

IC Crypto Certifier.
INGOT intends to provide participants with robust skills
and knowledge required to develop the blockchain
technology, understand the crypto market and obtain
globally recognized certification.

IC ICO Accelerator.
Providing a one-stop-shop to entrepreneurs to issue their
ICOs in order to raise funds in non-traditional ways. This
components will grant legal, marketing, financial, PR and
other services to increase the success of the potential ICO.

9. Q4 2019

INGOT’s Second round ICO.
INGOT will declare its second round of ICO to collect funds
in order to implement a digitalized commodity exchange.

10. Q1 2020

Planning the INGOT Digitalized Commodity Exchange.
Providing divergent solutions and methods that facilitatethe
commodity trading process through secured state-of-the-art
user friendly exchange platform.

11. Q4 2020

Launching the Digital Commodity Exchange.
Presenting a solution using smart contracts to increase
traceability and trustworthiness in the physical trading of
commodities such as wheat, corn, soybean or other
agricultural commodities.

12. Q4 2020

Launching the Digital Commodity Exchange.
Presenting a solution using smart contracts to increase
traceability and trustworthiness in the physical trading of
commodities such as wheat, corn, soybean or other
agricultural commodities.


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