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Pngme is a global alternative loan platform that gives institutional investors access to alternative loan asset classes. Using tokenized digital bonds, decentralized tariff setting algorithms, and Pngme’s digital footprint credit assessment creates an open and transparent lending platform where borrowers can obtain cheap capital and investors can access alpha.

For Pngme borrowers, they provide the tools needed to assess their customers’ scores and increase capital by issuing digital bonds that are sold on our loan platforms to investors. Our Credit Assessment API enables seamless integration with borrowers’ cellular payment applications to incorporate credit default risk into digital bonds through our Digital Bond API. By providing current and historical credit risk information, investors can determine the price of capital more efficiently and increase the supply of affordable capital for borrowers.

In addition Pngme’s mobile banking application increases access to finance for business owners and consumers. Featuring payments from mobile to mobile, savings and digital credit scores, this application gives consumers easy access to financing anywhere in the world from their mobile devices.

Our mission is to close the $ 5.2 trillion dollar financial gap that affects 200 million micro, small and medium enterprises globally. This will encourage sustainable economic growth from the base of the financial pyramid to improve opportunities and quality of life.

Coming Soon

Launching in 2019, our mobile app will allow early users to earn rewards, lend money, and build their borderless credit score.

Our second release will bring, USD, GBP, EUR, and KSh currencies to a users wallet. Allowing users to make instant payments and save in their local currency.

Earn Rewards

By signing up and registering for a free credit score you will receive free Pngcoin directly to you Pngme accounts.

The more you build you credit score the more Pngcoin you can earn! Pngcoin are redeemable for cash in the future.

Token Name: Pngcoin (PNG):
Private sales round 1 price: 1 PNG = $ 0.013 + 100% bonus (1,667 caps)
Round 2 of personal selling: 1 PNG = $ 0.013 + 75% bonus (4,167 caps)
3 private sales rounds price: 1 PNG = $ 0.013 + bonus 25% (10,417 caps)


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