PoS Proves a Faster Way To Earn Crypto Without Mining

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PoS (Proof of Stake) is better for the environment than traditional crypto mining, and a better way to secure the block-chain, as PeerCoin’s whitepaper and several real life examples have proven.

However not widely known is that staking rewards are notoriously easy to earn, compared to mining. Setting aside the debate on which consensus method is more secure, let’s focus on which method earns you free crypto faster….

You don’t need specialized equipment, computing power, or electricity to earn free cryptocurrency thanks to Staking Rewards inherent in most PoS algorithms.

Simply by holding the crypto in a staking wallet, (staking it), you will earn interest daily or monthly (depending on the crypto).

Many PoS-based Cryptos also incorporate other ways to earn, besides staking rewards.

So the real question is, how FAST can you earn with PoS vs. Mining?

As it turns out, much faster.

For example, NetBox crypto owners who stake their coins and are actively using the browser, report earning 100% interest on their initial 20-coin stake, within about 30 days.

That’s not bad, is it!

When I joined Netbox, I got 20 free NetBox coins, and immediately started staking them to see how fast I would get a return.

Less than 30 days later, I have already more than doubled my Netbox balance — all without mining.

NetBox Browser has a staking reward of about .01 NetBox Coins for every 20 NetBox coins being staked (about .2% daily), and an Activity Rewards of about 1–2 NetBox coins for every 20 NetBox coins being staked (about 1–5% daily, depending on browser usage). This means on most days I am earning about 5% daily interest, just by staking 20 NetBox coins, and using their browser!

… and since I got my first 20 NetBox coins free, I have already more than double them in the first 30 days.

Each NetBox coin currently trades at about 3 cents in USD. Imagine earning 5% daily returns, or basically doubling your money in about 20–30 days. That sure makes me want to stop mining and start holding more NetBox coin!

These types of returns would be un-heard of returns in the world of Wall Street and stocks. Yes I can easily expect to earn this same amount, for as long as NetBox coin is alive (which will be longer than I am alive.)

The important thing to remember with PoS rewards, is that they are evenly distributed among stake-holders. So, when you Stake more, you Earn more.

Your staking rewards go UP the more you stake. However, everyone earns the same fair interest rate.

With many Cryptos (such as NetBox) they also provide an added way to earn additional rewards, such as “activity” or actions you can complete to earn even more.

By combining the interest you earn from PoS with the savings you save from not purchasing mining rigs and massive amounts of electricity, it’s faster and easier to realize a profit thanks to PoS cryptos.

What PoS cryptos have you realized a profit or return on, without mining? Share with me below, let’s talk about it…

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