Lombardy Region Uses Blockchain Tech to Reduce Bureaucracy

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Sep 28, 2019 at 09:49 // News

The experimentation in the Lombardy Region of the use of blockchain technology in an anti-bureaucracy key on the ‘Free Nests’ measure, which allows zeroing of the nest fee, in Cinisello Balsamo pilot municipality in Italy has officially opened.

According to Fabrizio Sala, Vice President of the
Lombardy Region, on the first day of opening of the call for tenders, there were 27 entries in the blockchain in the first 5 minutes from the opening, 39 in the first quarter of an hour and 60 in the first hour. The average time for submitting the application was less than 8 minutes. This is an unprecedented success that makes us understand that this is the right path towards simplification.

Safe and Secure  

50% of Cinisello families potentially eligible for the Nidi Gratis measure have therefore already submitted their application within the first few hours of the call. The average time for submitting a new application was 7 minutes and 40 seconds. 90% of the requirements were automatically verified by the system and already entered on Blockchain. The preliminary investigation time for the participants in the trial is significantly reduced and will not require a verification pass from the Municipality for anyone.  

The plan was to reduce the administrative passages by 70%, and they have actually reduced by 90%. All the families interviewed declared themselves highly satisfied with the tool developed and the support implemented by the Lombardy Region. 100% of the families that asked for assistance received immediate support.  

This real revolution will make it possible to streamline the bureaucracy and simplify the management of administrative procedures, reduce the time and documents that citizens must produce in respect of privacy.  

Verifying Records Via Blockchain  

In 2019, the measure ‘Nidi gratis’ is gathering particular interest, with about 600 municipalities having already joined. People are particularly satisfied with the experimentation activated in Cinisello, and aware of the importance of simplifying the procedures for families and streamlining bureaucratic requirements.  

The solution developed by the Region sees an app as an interface with citizens available for both mobile and desktop versions through a secure platform for exchanging information, the possession of all the requirements for the zeroing of the next line.  

The automatic verification is therefore foreseen through
Blockchain, a series of data that can be shared and certified between different subjects in complete safety, without centralizing the information systems and without affect the citizen’s privacy.

Last month, the Municipality of Cinisello Balsamo, began adopting blockchain technology in
public administration. Now, a max of 600 seconds (10 minutes) is what is required for the entire administrative procedure. This has made the area to be the vanguard of innovations especially blockchain and digital currency implementation.

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