Current issues with cryptocurrency payments – Universe Coin

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One of the biggest barriers to adopting cryptocurrency is gaining and maintaining a stable value. A virtual asset can only function if there is an agreed value at the time of sale.

Slow transactions
Mass adoption is on its way, and as a result, confirmation times are decreasing. As a blockchain is maintained throughout the network, all transactions need to be confirmed by each party. Right now, more use can sometimes mean slow transactions.

One of the biggest problems merchants and customers face is the difficulty of integrating virtual assets, although it is a good deal for everyone involved. Sometimes customers don’t know where to buy or spend cryptocurrency. Merchants, especially those in physical stores, have a problem accepting cryptocurrency without going through a third party.

Universe Coin solution
The Universe Coin model aims at charging in cryptocurrency, processing in fiat currency and transferring to the seller also in fiat currency, with total exemption of transaction fees for the seller.
Our payment solution locks value at the time of purchase to protect merchants from the volatility of the cryptocurrency market. It also allows merchants to transfer directly to their account in local fiat currency.
This way, virtual assets become easy to integrate and easy to use.

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