XCARD is the creator of crypto and fiat currencies to shop easily and can be used worldwide with the best execution rates.

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XCARD is a platform that has a great team in which there are smart people, strong, responsible, have a lot of experience in managing a project and most importantly all the people in XCARD have a lot of knowledge in their respective fields — to achieve technological progress to a higher level.here are the smart people who will advance the XCARD project.

The mission of XCARD is to connect all fiat currencies and crypto assets in real-time. Here you can store, trade and exchange crypto and fiat currencies instantly, at the best execution rate. For the first time, you can spend your funds anywhere in the world, with existing and existing payment cards.

You can connect any credit, debit or prepaid card to spend your assets at any point of sale and e-commerce, or use them for ATM cash withdrawals. We also issue our crypto credit card with VISA which allows instant and super safe use of all crypto and fiat currencies.

XCARD also has several features that are definitely top, here are the TOP FEATURES that XCARD has:

1. Large XCard logo
Easy-to-use icons SAFETY & CONVENIENCE
The perfect place to make your first step towards cryptocurrency in a safe environment.

Buy Bitcoin or other cryptocurrency using your payment card or wire transfer.

The first security icon. EXPERIENCE WITHOUT LIMITS
Trade with cryptocurrency and exchange crypto to fiat & fiat with crypto immediately.

3. Payment card icon. PAYMENT CARD
Register with XCARD Wallet with your existing payment card and start buying cryptocurrency or spend it freely anywhere in the world.

The Buy now icon GET A LOAN ON YOUR CARD
Spend your cryptocurrency without getting rid of it.

4. XCARD’s purse fully complies with KYC.
Our orientation process is much easier than opening a bank account.

5. Instant Settlement Icon INSTANT SETTINGS
XCARD’s decentralized internalization and intelligent atomic exchange functionality allows all transactions to be most efficient & in real time.

XCARD (MBM) — XCARD is a decentralized platform in which crypto & FIAT wallets and payment cards make it easy for crypto users to spend their crypto and FIAT assets instantly and can be used worldwide. Built Internalizer — the arbitration engine — gives users the best exchange rates available on the market. XCARD Wallet is combined with XCARD Biometric Credit Card, XCARD is the safest credit card for easy crypto withdrawal and can be used from any ATM. (one pager)
XCARD is part of the Mobilum ecosystem consisting of wallets, cards, exchanges & API foundations. All of these features combine to create an “everywhere” instant payment platform and point-sale system that integrates crypto and FIAT currencies with the most convenient payment methods — card transactions, transfers and from wallet to wallet. With XCARD you can pay or receive payments, buyers and sellers decide which currency they use — independently.

How does atom exchange work in general?

Say you want to exchange your Bitcoin with Litecoin with strangers. You agree to the exchange rate, but there is a problem who sends the funds first and if you receive funds in exchange.
So, both of you agree to participate in the Substitution of Bitcoin Atom to Litecoin. You create a special wallet (smart contract Hash Time Lock) and move your Bitcoin to exchange there, so they can be publicly checked by a second party. Then you send a special hash (key) to the second party, who also makes a smart contract (HTLC) using the same hash and moves the Litecoin there for your inspection. Both funds can be released using the same key that you hold, but by releasing Litecoin, you reveal the key so your partner can use it to release Bitcoin. If something is not right (the amount of Bitcoin or Litecoin in the contract) you do not reveal the key and both are expired — no transaction. That is the big picture.

How does Intelligent Atomic Swap work in XCARD on the Mobilum Platform?
In general, atomic exchange has several limitations. Both contracts need to use the same hash algorithm, both need to implement certain smart contracts. That limits its use only to supported coins. Another limitation is price negotiation between parties.

In XCARD we try to avoid these limitations by implementing the originator of XCARD which is a kind of smart contract notary, which contains an order book for parties who are willing to exchange their coins and the price range received. The notary contract works similar to a matching machine, when a purchase order matches a sell order it creates two contracts for atomic exchange for each party transaction. There is a specified period for each party to move a certain amount of coins to swap to that address. When both parties move coins, the exchange is done by smart contract. If not, the atomic exchange ends. The smart contract notary also checks the membership requirements of each party (just to remind, each party is required to hold 0.5% of the transaction value in the MBM Token). If one party does not meet the membership requirements, the smart contract notary can fill it out if agreed by that party.

Why do we call our atomic exchange “smart”?
Our smart contract notary has an algorithm that tries to match the maximum order volume by considering party constraints in terms of agreed swap prices. To do this, he connects with our pricing engine and virtual order book to check the best prices on the market.
XCARD animates currencies that are supported using XCARD liquidity by providing second parties for transactions that cannot be matched by platform users when it matches the pricing algorithm. The smart contract notary algorithm polls the XCARD animator service every time it uses a price engine to check whether certain swaps must be carried out internally (between XCARD users) or involve XCARD liquidity collections.
Both parties may request XCARD liquidity involvement if there are personal transaction requirements. In such a case, XCARD uses its mixer functionality, which hides the exact volume and transfer destination (more information will be provided in another article).Atomic swap has a significant impact on cryptocurrency and its holders. It sheds light on the nature of “currency” because it allows exchange and acceptance without trust. We, XCARD are committed to providing the best safe and decentralized environment available to our customers.

Conclusion: XCARD platform creates a crypto & FIAT wallet and payment card that allows crypto users to easily spend their crypto and FIAT assets worldwide.

Join our Telegram and chat with us! -> https://t.me/mobilumcom
Visit our website -> https://xcard.io/
Read our whitepaper -> https://xcard.io/static/XCard-Whitepaper-21082019.pdf

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