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Buyanylight (BAL) is a pioneering online platform offering an innovative and value-packed procedure for resourcing LED lighting projects. BAL delivers unique advantages for both sellers and buyers and a win-win edge for them all.


  • Start the Buyanylight Telegram Bot.
  • Pass the Captcha and Submit your First & Last name
  • Register an account at Buyanylight Website and verify your mail. (Mandatory)
  • Join Buyanylight Telegram Group and Telegram Channel. (Mandatory)
  • Follow Buyanylight on Twitter. (Mandatory)
  • Like the Buyanylight Facebook page. (Mandatory)
  • Similarly, complete the other optional tasks.
  • Submit your ERC20 ETH Address and other details to the bot.
  • Also, earn 5 BAL ($1.5) tokens for every referral (Max. 25 referrals).


BuyAnyLight (BAL) has transformed the way we source LED lighting. The BAL platform gives users:

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Higher profit margins
The best possible prices for any light unit
Greater efficiency of lighting procurement
Superb online automation and functionality
Access to top global brand manufacturers.

BuyAnyLight (BAL) has the world’s largest network of lighting manufacturers, and they are continually adding more, allowing BAL to provide the best platform for finding any type of LED light. Their AI-powered systems and high-speed servers match buyer inquiries with the most suitable suppliers within seconds and send out Requests For Quotes (RFQs) instantly.
BAL secures 100% of your funds until you receive your goods. The system also manages the logistics, so you receive your order on time, safely and securely.


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